Council Reports: May 9, 2005

REPORT ON COUNCILMay 9, 2005Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:02 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.Regular Evening Meeting: 7:05 p.m. – 8:14 p.m.All Members of Council present. CONFIDENTIAL / CLOSED SESSION: 11:53 a.m. – 12:23 p.m.

10 PROBLEMATIC TRAIL BRIDGES: Last November, Council made a carefully considered decision about replacements for the 10 remaining unsafe and derelict Tiny Trail bridges, based on 107 surveys, a public meeting, a report from the Tiny Trails Committee, and a report prepared by Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, about the costs of different bridge options. In addition, Councillor Rob Panasiuk had discovered that trails do not have to be uniformly groomed for snowmobile associations to use them. In the end, Option 4 (creek-level bridges constructed out of steel girders) was selected, at an estimated cost of $166,100, of which $87,170 was to be borne by the Township, and the balance by the Superbuild Fund. These bridges were to be built by staff and were capable of supporting a range of uses. On May 9, Mr. Blom presented Council with the results of tendering for Option 4 bridges. The project cost was $690,000, of which $300,000 would be borne by the Township!!!! Councillor Peggy Breckenridge who is Council’s representative on the Tiny Trails Committee was concerned that the earlier estimates had been so short of the mark. She asked many probing questions. Councillors Millar and Panasiuk made it clear that they are not willing to approve bridge reconstruction at the new price. The Mayor, though not pleased about the price, was in favour of proceeding.After some discussion, staff was asked to ascertain whether Penetanguishene and Midland and the Snowriders Association could be persuaded to cover the $200,000 overrun as the two municipalities benefit from the trail economically, while the Snowriders are its chief users in winter. If partnership money were not forthcoming, Council would revisit the decision about the bridges.

UPDATE RE DRAFT ZONING BY-LAW: On May 9, Nick McDonald of Meridian Planning Consultants met with Council to discuss the latest round of changes he has made to the Zoning By-law which finally will implement the Township’s “environment first” Official Plan passed four years ago. Many important changes have been made to the zoning maps. Note:a) The 178 metre “flood hazard” line has proved to be non-negotiable. b) Setback from the 178 metre line: At the moment this is 45 metres for new dwellings and for significant expansions of existing dwellings, as the MNR views almost all of Tiny Township’s shore as dynamic. (At the urging of Councillors Peggy Breckenridge, Ray Millar, and Rob Panasiuk, a marine engineer is to estimate the cost of ascertaining whether some stretches of the shore of Tiny are not dynamic and thus the setback from the 178 metre line need be only 15 metres in those areas.)c) Exemptions for existing dwellings: Council asked whether the proposed allowable footprint expansion of 25% sideways or backward might be increased, possibly to 50%. A storey may be added, providing that other requirements of the By-law are respected.d) Front yard / rear yard issue for waterfront lots: In spite of the points made at public meetings about front and rear yards of waterfront properties, the draft By-law still defined the water side of the building as the “rear yard” and the rear yard as the appropriate location for garages, bunkies, stored boats and the like. The planners view the road side of a property as the front. Councillors Peggy Breckenridge and Rob Panasiuk argued that waterfront properties are called that for a reason, that shore owners do not want accessory buildings standing between their dwelling and the view, and that provisions for trailers, boats, canoes, sea-doos, ski-doos etc. should be generous for recreational properties. A compromise was found. There is a modest sized “required front yard” on the road side of waterfront dwellings in which nothing can be built or placed. However, garages, bunkies and boat storage could be placed next to that yard or beside the dwelling, given sufficient space for required setbacks.e) Wind Turbines: The standards in the current draft by-law for personal wind generators are to be reviewed. Wind farms will be dealt with case by case.

Public Meeting on the Proposed New Comprehensive Zoning By-law: Saturday, June 11, 200510: a.m. Wyebridge Community Centre8340 Highway 93Wyebridge, Ontario Note: in the weeks prior to the Public Meeting, the text of the By-law and the Schedules of Zoning Maps may be examined in the Municipal Office. The 123-page text can also be viewed on the Township website at (3.82 Mb).

WOODLAND BEACH COMMUNITY AGREEMENT PROPOSAL DISCUSSED: As Council had been unaware of contention about Township ownership of parts of the shore of Woodland beach, they decided to proceed cautiously with regard to the proposal that a Community Agreement be worked out between the Woodland Beach Property Owners Association and the Township. On the advice of Councillor Panasiuk, a legal opinion about the ownership of the beach between Tamarack Trail and South Street is to be sought before any meeting is held. Staff is to approach Gerald Millar, who spoke on behalf of the beach association, and ask him to share the information in his file on title issues. In the short term, the green sign diagraming the extent of Township ownership is to show only Woodland Beach Park itself and no extensions along the shore. Also in the short term, Township park by-laws are to apply only in the park proper.

FINAL TAXATION NUMBERS: Now that the final numbers for Education and the County are in, the treasurer, John Theriault, was able to report on the final overall numbers. There’s a 4.7% increase overall. There are increases in all three components –Municipal (Tiny) – 6.4% County – 6.5% Education – 1.3% With regard to the municipal increase, net of changes in reserves, the operating budget is up $350,000 of which $120,000 is due to increased policing costs and $240,000 is due to increased salaries and benefits for staff. Other operating expenditures did not increase. In addition, Garbage fees are up from $130 to $143. Note that garbage is handled by the County and not by the Township. Water fees are the same as last year – $200 for access and $600 more if connected. (The Federation’s database of budgetary and assessment information has now been updated to include full details for 2005. See “Database” on our website,

NO IWMF AT SITE 41: A recent letter from the County of Simcoe informed Tiny Township that the current County Council is NOT considering Site 41 for an Integrated Waste Management Facility. Mayor Klug said that there should be an announcement about the location of a County IWMF fairly soon, and that it will probably be in the middle or south of the County.

LE VILLAGEOIS DE LAFONTAINE (THE PROPOSED RETIREMENT HOME): An impasse had been reached. The staff had been instructed to do no work on this file until the MoE had opened a file, and until money was forthcoming from the proponent for the legal and engineering studies needed if the Township were to draft a responsibility agreement. The MoE was unwilling to open a file until it had in hand a responsibility agreement saying that the Township would stand behind the development’s septic arrangements. At this meeting, Council asked for a report on the implications of the Township entering into a Responsibility Agreement. Le Villageois agreed to forward $15,000 so that legal and engineering consultants can be hired to advise the Township.