Reports on Council

These Reports are compiled by one or, more usually, several volunteers. They do the best they can, but occasionally errors slip in. When errors are pointed out, they are corrected.

Date of Meeting
Report Details
October 12, 2004 Confidential/Closed Session; New CAO/Clerk Appointed; Free Community Influenza Immunization Clinic on November 15; Sidewalk Snow Clearance; OPP Quarterly Report; Work Completed By David Lambden; Requests By Encroaching Neighbours to Purchase Beach Road Allowances; Space for Consulation of Documents; Oral Submissions to Council
Sept 18: Land Identification, Mapping, Zoning By-Law; Sept 27: Confidential/Closed Session; Decisions to be Made about Tiny Trails; Options for Tiny Trail Bridges; Meeting Re: Future Use of Trail; Mediation; Federation’s Oral Submission Concerning Shore Issues; Sale of Property in Georgian Bay Estates Area; Garbage; Committees of Council; Permission to Establish a Take-Out Eating Establishment Requested; Requests for Council to Stop Up/Close/Sell Two Unopened Road Allowances; Chief Jim Sawkins Resigns
Confidential/Closed Session; Garbage; Fire Department and Swimming Pools; Agenda Availability; Oral Submissions to Council
Confidential/Closed Session; Parking Complaints;Was the Essential Point Missed?; Septic Re-Inspection Program; Le Villageois De Fafointaine; Exotic Animal By-Law/ Paid Duty OPP on Long Weekend; Tiny Trail Bridges; Plan to Hear What David Lambden Has to Say
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Action Re: Site 41; Zoning By-Law Meeting Delayed/David Lambden; High Speed Internet for all of Tiny; A Community Beach Along Plan 670 of Woodland Beach?; Flooding at Tripp Lane
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Requests to Make Oral Submissions; Question Period; New Zoning By-Law/Issues/Public Meeting; Implications of Provincial Policy Statements for the 178 Metre Elevation and Setbacks; Broader Notice for Public Meetings; OPP Quarterly Report/Speeding; Site 41 Moratorium/Mayor Klug Still Opposed; July 27: Tour of North End of Tiny Township
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Consideration of Requests to Make Oral Submissions; Annual Audit of Township’s Books; Drainage Problem South of Stott Park; Fire Departments’s Cutting of Trees/Filling of Swimming Pools; Phase II: Perri Subdivision, Woodland Beach, Authorized; Oral Submission re: Attempts by the Government of Ontario to Gain Control of Shore Lands
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Township Procedural By-Law Passed; Tiny Trail Bridges Again; Remuneration of Council; David Lambden’s Reports; Surveys and Committee of Adjustment; Deputations;
Public Planning meeting Re: Recreational Trailer Park in Concession 2; Confidential/Closed Session; Deputations; Draft Zoning By-Law; Nutrient Management Act; Township Grants; Pay Increases; Encroachments
Discussion of Budget; Search Firm Selection; Confidential/Closed Session; Budget for 2004 Passed: Sea-Doo Rentals at Balm Beach; Procedural By-Law Changes; Land Identification Project/Professor Lambden; Identification of Land Ownership on Zoning Maps; Clerk/CAO Firm Selection; Garbage Collection 2005: Parking Permits for B&B’s; Deputations at Evening Council; Response to May 10 Deputation By Anthony Lancia
Lambden’s Reports and Maps Discovered; OPP Justifies Its 15% Budget Increase; Mayor Replaced on Site 41 CMC; Beach Water Quality Study; Lafontaine Group Home; Draft Encroachment By-Law; Rental of Personal Watercraft at Balm Beach
Fire Department Budget and Issues; Clerk/CAO Position; Township Tour; Mapping/David Lambden
Confidential/Closed Session; Site 41 and Mayor Klug and Deputy Mayor Maurice; Garbage; Discussion of Presentations by Residents; Presentation by Local Hospital Residents; Insurance; Deputations
Draft Zoning By-Law
Discussion of Budget
Presentations by four search firms
Presentation by Councillor Rob Panasiuk; Presentation by County of Simcoe About Garbage; Deputations by Residents; Questions Concerning the New Wyevale Firehall; Draft Procedural By-Law; Council Constrained by Previous Council; By-Law Concerning the Rental of Sea-Doos in Balm Beach; Mediation; No Need For Firearms By-Law; Septic Re-Inspection Program
Confidential/Closed Session; Hiring a New Clerk/CAO; Township Committees; Festival Du Loup; Site 41; Gator Gift; Deputations by Residents
Budget Deliberations
Confidential/Closed Session; Proposed Trailer Park in Concession 2; Draft Zoning By-Law; Deputation By Save The Beaches; Site 41 Motion
Feb 16: Special Meeting of Committee of the Whole; Confidential/Closed Session
Feb 23: Lafontaine Group Home Proposal; Deputations; By-Law Terminating the Employment of the Clerk; Pay Equity; By-Laws Concerning Discharge of Firearms and Regulation of the Keeping of Exotic Animals; Meteorological Tower
Feb 2: Information Session Re: Site 41; Confidential/Closed Session.
Feb 9: Confidential/Closed Session; Perkinsfield Subdivision Approval; Old Wyevale Firehall; Temporary Capital Borrowing Postponed; General Insurance Costs Up; By-Law Passed for Unspecified Personnel Matter; Appointment of Acting CAO/Clerk; Large Purchase for the Fire Department
Confidential/Closed Session; Water System Debts; Mediation; Decision Re: Giant’s Tomb Development; 178 Metre Level and Setbacks; Township Committees; Site 41; Skirmish at Balm Beach Continues; By-Law Report; Pre-Budget Decisions; Sea-Doos at Balm Beach
Council Orientation Sessions
Confidential/Closed Session; Report on Septic Re-Inspections; Deputation from Concerned Citizens for Safe Water; 2004 Assessments; Banking Change; Skirmish about a Skirmish at Balm Beach
December 2nd: Inaugural Meeting of New Council (Ceremony)
December 4th: First working meeting of New Council; Confidential/Closed Session Re: Sale of Old Wyevale Fire Hall; Draft Zoning By-Law; Renouf & Lafontaine Water System Costs; Deputation by Venters Energy Inc; Treasurer Proposes Change in Bank Used by Township; Township Committees; Water Systems Costs; Orientation Sessions
(Final meeting of 2000-2003 Council); Draft Zoning By-Law; Report on 2003 Municipal election; Site 41; Lafontaine Water System; Small Watercraft Committee; Ontario Tobacco Free Network; Christmas Time in Tiny
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Appointments; Corrie Hamelin Memorial Community Volunteer Award; Presentation of 25-Year Service Certificates; Thunder Beach Drainage Study; Off-road Motorized Vehicles Committee; Zoning By-Law; Semi-Annual Report Re: Fire Department; Water Works; Township Office Holidays
Confidential/Closed Session; Proposed Zoning By-Law;73-Lot Subdivision in Toache;Water Systems; Land Identification List;
Councillor Frank Hughes’ Passing; Confidential/Closed Session; OPP Report; Discussion of Deputation Given By Kathy Speers; Perkinsfield Tennis Courts;Sawlog Playground
Confidential/Closed Session; Discussion of Public Meeting Held on September 13
Confidential/Closed Session; Vote by Mail; Councillor Frank Hughes’ Motion Concerning Signage at Concession Road Ends; Tiny Trail Bridge; Draft Report of the Off-Road Motorized Vehicles Committee; Great Lakes Water Levels/Environment Canada/178 Metre Level; Ground Water Study
August 25, 2003 Confidential/Closed Session; Handling the Blackout in Tiny; Beach Postings; 178-Metre Level and 15/45 Metre Setbacks; Investigation into Bay Water Quality in Tiny; Parking; Beach Signage; Requests from Citizens Produce New By-Laws; Wyevale Fire Hall; Maintenance of Beach Outlets
Confidential/Closed Session; Discussion Re: Dynamic Beach Issue and Nottawaga Valley Conservation Authority; Correspondence Re: Use of Beaches by Daytrippers; Wyevale Fire Hall
Confidential/Closed Session; Discussion of Points Raised at Zoning By-Law Open House; Setbacks from the 178 Metre Level
Confidential/Closed Session; Work at 9th Concession End; Indemnification of Municipal Officers; Perkinsfield Subdivision Approval; Maurice Point; Update Re July 26 Public Meeting on Proposed Zoning By-Law; Petition for Signs; Deputation by Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority; Objection to ATV/Dirt Bike Trails in Dorion Road Area; Mediation; Farlain Lake Water Testing; Repeal of By-Law for Purchase of Bridge
Public Summary of Draft Zoning By-Law
Confidential/Closed Session; Full-Time Staff Appointment; Signage Along The Shore; Posting at the 13th Concession; Wyevale Fire Hall to be Tendered; Report Re: July Long Weekend; Complaints About Personal Watercraft in Jackson Park Area; Expensive Tender for Bridge Repairs on the Tiny Trails; Pay Equity to Cost More Than $300,000
Special Meeting of Council – Presentation of Peer Review of Plans for Site 41.
Confidential/Closed Session; Deputation Asking for ATV Trails in Tiny; Tiny Cottager Article on Municipal Tax Increase; Wyevale Fire Hall Specifications; Purchase of Half a Bridge; Dogs to be Kept Off Public Beach at Balm; West Nile Update; Discussion of Deputation by Elaine Stephenson Re: Paving of Woodland Beach Park
Confidential/Closed Session; Peer Review of Technical Plans for Site 41
Confidential/Closed Session; Beach Signage; Water Costs; Purchase of Half a Bridge; Flood Hazard Limit Status; Tiny Trail Uses; Deputation Re Paving of Woodland Beach Park; Jackson Park; Smoking By-Law Passed–At Last!
Confidential/Closed Session; Ongoing Firehall Saga; Township Surveyor Position; Boat Ramp at Balm; Septic Re-Inspection Program; Dog Tags; Hour-Long Deputation by Cleopatra Resort; Integrated Waste Management Facility; Signage for Beach Parks; Beach Volleyball for Children Age 7 and up
Confidential/Closed Session; Council Passes 2003 Budget; Boat Ramps Jackson Park/Woodland; Site Receives Zoning for Wyevale Fire Station; Additions to Clean Yard By-Law; Deputation Re: Position of Township Surveyor; Answers to Deputation about Seeming Inaction; By-Law Enforcement Review; By-Laws Connected with Water Systems; Capital Funding for Parks & Rec
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff; Deputation About Seeming Inaction; By-Law Enforcement Review; Township Taxes Up Again; Site 41
Confidential/Closed Session; CAO/Clerk Abset Again; Deputation Re: Communication and Offiicial Plan Amendment; Spreading of Septage; Dog By-Law Fines; Water Department Complies; Wyevale Fire Hall; David Lambden Still Working for Township; Council Amends Official Plan to Permit Building Lots in Environmentally Protected Area; West Nile Virus Preparations;
Confidential/Closed Session; Parks and Recreation Associations Request Capital Funding; Parks and Recreation Insurance; Tee Pee Point Park Equipment Funding; Proposal to Investigate the Quality of Beaches in Tiny; Accounts-Studies-David Lambden; Will Council Nibble Away at the Environmental Protection of The New Official Plan in the Peek-a-Boo Trail Area?; Councillor Hughes Supports No-Smoking By-Law; West Nile Virus Preparations; Committee Appointment
March 17, 2003
Committee of the Whole re: Budget
All members of Council present
9:15 am – 12:38 pm — NO REPORT
David Lambden’s Reports; OMB Resolution Re: Proposed 28 Lot Addition to Perri Subdivision (Woodland Beach); Private Roads Maintained by the Township; Wyevale Fire Station Site Selected; Proposed Jackson Park Management & Control Plan; Update Re: Renouf; Mol-Tin Subdivision Extension–A Bad Decision?; Clerk/CAO of Tiny Township on Leave of Absence with Pay
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Appointments; Proposal to Investigate the Quality of Beaches in Tiny; West Nile Virus; Township Taxes to Rise Again!; Maurice’s Point
Confidential/Closed Session; Proposal to Investigate The Quality of Beaches in Tiny; Water Division–Compliance Issues; Maurice’s Point Again; Deer Wintering Yard Study
Confidential/Closed Session; Deputation Re: Maurice’s Point; Site 41-County’s Dump Site; Wasaga Dunes Campground; Ambulance Service Slow in Tiny
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Departures; OPP Temporary Staff Changes; Wyevale Community Safety Zone; Off-Road Motorized Vehicles Committee; Landfill Site 41; West Nile Virus; Jackson Park Boat Launch; Sign Removal; Deputations Concerning Motion by Councillor Hughes for Legal Opinion
Confidential/Closed Session; Vote By Mail; Frank Hughes asks for a Written Legal Opinion about Phrases Used By Save The Beaches; Recreational Water Quality; Parks & Rec Insurance; Extension of Tiny Beaches Road North; Proposed Rezoning of Maurices’ Point (North of Concession 14) from Open Space to Residential; Lafontaine Seniors’ Complex
Jan. 6, 2002
Special Meeting 9:10 am – 1:11 pm
All members of Council present
Confidential/Closed Session: 9:20 am – 1:00 pm
Confidential/Closed Session; Federation Deputation Re: Fairness and Voting Methods; Should the General Taxpayer Pay Any of the Renouf Water System Costs?; Discussion of Deputation Re: Storm Sewer at Siesta Drive; Septic Re-Inspection Program; New Municipal Act In Effect at the Beginning of January; Membership of Town Committees; Liability Insurance for Parks and Recreation Associations; Fee Schedule and Public Notice By-Laws
Confidential/Closed Session; Deputation by Robert Owen of Edmor-Georgian Heights; Liability Coverage for Parks and Recreation Activities; Decision Re:LCBO Agency Store Stands; Township Records; Extension of 10 kpm Boating Speed Limit Rejected; Parking Decision; Library Services; Concession Ends and Major Beach Parks; Lafontaine Creek Proposed as a Fish Sanctuary;
Confidential/Closed Session; Council Requests Change in Testing Day for Recreational Water; Options for Disposal of Septic Waste; Septic System Re-Inspection Programme; LCBO Agency Store; Mediation; Wyevale Firehall; Deputation Re: Township Records;
Confidential/Closed Session; Parking Strategy; Township Newsletter; Shoreline Water Quality; Discussion Re: Township-Owned Shoreline Properties; Off-Road Motorized Vehicles Committee; Save the Beaches Deputation
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Appointment; Virtual Town Hall; Lafontaine Senior Citizen Complex; Winter Disposal of Untreated Septic Waste; Wyevale Fire Station – Again; Shoreline Water Quality Discussion; Mediation; Review of 2003 Parking Policies; Proposed Amendment to Official Plan
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Staff Introduction; Deputations Concerning Swimming Water Quality; Deputation Concerning Wyevale Firehall; Renouf (Balm Beach) Water System Costs; Sign By-Law.
Confidential/Closed Sessions; Staff Appointment; Discussion of Peter Sidgwick and Norm Alexander Deputations Re: Problems in Jackson Park Area; Discussion of Woodland Beach LCBO Agency Store Proposal; Discussion of Deputation Re: Thunder Beach Rd. Allowances; Posting of Unsafe Beaches; Wyevale Fire Station; Flood Hazard Setback Discussion; Seniors’ Information Day; September 23rd Special Meeting re: rebuilding contract for Bridge P3 on the Tiny Trail over the Wye River.
Deputations: Doug Moles; Peter Sidgwick; Anil Gulati; Administration/Finance: Discussion Re: Gail Barrie/Save the Beaches Inc. August 12 Deputation; Discussion Re: David Lamben Land Identification Project; Planning and Development: Unassumed Roads Agreements for Which the Township Lacks Unassumed Roads Agreements; Staff Resignation; New Municipal Act; Evening Meeting: Deputations: Thunder Beach Ratepayersl Norm Alexander; Reports/Resolutions: Sewage System Programs/Report; Community Safety Zone and Radar Speed Control in Wyevale
Confidential/Closed Session; Deputation on Flood Hazard Setback Requirements; Wyevale Fire Hall – A Step Back; Revenue from the Sale of Parking Permits and Fines
Concession 13 Parking; Discussion of Deputation on “Building Bridges in Tiny Township”; Save The Beaches Deputation
Confidential/Closed Session; Deputation Re: Building of Bridges in Tiny by Doug Moles; Beach Postings; New Official Plan By-Laws; Cawaja Signs; Deputation Re: Boat Ramp at Woodland Beach; Deputation Re: Black Bears; Parking Strategy Update; Fire Department Reponds to Medical Emergencies;
July 2: Confidential/Closed Session.
July 8: Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Appointment; Deputations re: Proposed Sign By-Law; Cawaja Beach Deadlocked with Township; Mediation – To Continue or Not?; Proposed Resolution Re: Posts at Nottawaga; Proposed Resolution Re: Parking Strategy at 11th, 12th and 13th Concessions; Septic Reinspection Program
Transfer of Goessman Road Reservations Rejected; Federation Deputation Re; (H) Provision
Confidential/Closed Session; Municipal Land Studies Project; Beach Parks; Council and Beach Associations
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Departure; Staff Promotion; Festival Du Loup, Lafontaine; 2001 Volunteer Water Sampling Program Discussed; Parking Strategy; Office Septic System; Black Bears
No Notice; Confidential/Closed Session
Confidential/Closed Session; Ontario Provincial Police; Site 41 (The County Landfill on Concession 2 E); Tiny Trails; Parking; Wyevale Firehall
Confidential/Closed Session; Short-Sighted Decision to Sell Parkland; Sign By-Law “Received” – No Action Taken – Again; Parking; Report on 2001 Volunteer Water Sampling Program
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Replacement; Septic Reinspection Program; No Smoking By-Law; Georgian Bay Estates Water System; By-Law Enforcement Staff; How to Get Equipment for Local Parks; Parking Again; Wyevale Fire Station; County Council to Remain at 36; Deputation by Kathy Speers of Save the Beaches; Thunder Beach Drainage Study
Confidential/Closed Session; Zoning By-Law Update; Council Opposes L.C.B.O. Agency Store; Boat Launches; Parking Strategy; A Ban on Smoking in Public Places in Tiny?
Confidential Session; Vote By Mail a Possibility for 2003; Small Watercraft Committee Report; Parking Strategy Update; Battle of Georgian Bay; Wyevale Fire Station; Budget, Taxes etc.
Full Report: Confidential/Closed Session; Crown Reservation on Goessman Lots; Proposed LCBO Agency Store in Tiny’s Shore Area; Parking Strategy; Reconstruction of Train Station by Citizens of Wyevale Approved in Principle; Blairhampton (Pebble Ridge) Properties Settlement;
Partial Report: Presentation by Rusty Russell Re: Goessman Lots (Crown Reservations)
Deputation Re: Retail Outlet for Beer/Wine/Liquor in Balm Beach; Proposed Fire Station for Wyevale: Is it Unnecessarily Costly; Misunderstandings; Rayko Back Up Well to be Drilled; Renouf Water System (Balm Beach) Costs
Additions to Staff; Septic Re-Inspection Program: Is it Going to be Thorough Enough to Catch Problems?; Wyevale Railway Station Reconstruction Discussed; Tiny Trails; Another Motion Concerning the Stump Dump in Concession 20 Adjacent to the Blairhampton Property; Save the Beaches Deputation
Committee of the Whole Meeting Re: Shoreline Issues (Jan. 21), Public Meeting Re: No-Smoking By-Law (Jan 21); Confidential/Closed Session; Blairhampton Properties Unpaid Bills; Motion to Delay Blairhampton OMB Hearing Withdrawn; The Federation’s Deputation Re: Presentation of Written Submissions at Planning Meetings Rejected; Shoreline Issues; Regional Chamber of Commerce; Septic System Re-Inspection Program; Long Weekend Committee; Dog Tags Revisited
Confidential/Closed Session; New Staff Appointment; Deputation from Federation’s Al Taylor; Tiny Trails Awarded Huge Grant for Bridge Reconstruction; Shoreline Issues 2002; Smoking By-Law; Five Wells Need Study; Deputy Clerk Appointed; Text of Al Taylor’s Deputation
Confidential/Closed Session; Staff Appointments; Renouf Lateral Watermains; Lafontaine Water Works Purchased; Fines for Violations of Burning By-Law to be Increased; Motion Re: Blairhampton Properties
Planning Meeting Re: Trailer Park Proposal in Concession 2
Staff Departure; Confidential/Closed Session; Blairhampton Bills Not Paid; Mapping; George Lawrence Deputation; Proposed Increase in Parking Fines and in Fines for Building Code Offenses; Groundwater Study
In Camera Session
Shoreline Issues
In Camera Sessions; Staff Departure; Wahnekewaning Beach Now Owned By The Township; Gravenhurst’s Septic Reinspection Program; Surplus Municipal Lands; Parks & Recreation Programs Now on Township Website
In Camera Session; Liability for Accidents on Privately Owned Beaches; Georgian Bay Snowriders; Renouf System; Telephone Voting Cost Reduced; Draft Budget for 2002; Township Mapping; 100 Acre Development Proposal Straddling Nipissing Bluff in Concession 2; Fire Chief Presented Award; Huronia Agenda 2002; Reduction of County Council from 32 to 16
Closed Sessions; Recess; Tiny Trails/Trans Canada Trails; Bernie LeClair Park in Perkinsfield;
Closed Sessions; Chaos on Summer Long Hot Weekends Revisited; Proposed Ground Water Study; Proposed Wyevale Park Expansion; Holding Provision One Step Closer; Tiny Trails Committee; Georgian Bay Estates Water Contaminated
Rural Postal Code Changes; Smoking By-Law; Georgian Bay Snowriders; Mapping and Teranet; Reserves and Reserve Funds; Tiny Trails Bridges Evaluation Contract Awarded;
Agenda Posted Late; Confidential/Closed Session; A Smoke-Free County of Simcoe?; Council Reacts t o Woodland Beach’s Beach Access Statement; A Second Confidential Closed Session
Woodland Beach Speaks Out; Garbage Collection; Small Water Craft Committee; Parking Advisory Committee Recommendations; Stott Park’s Septic System; Question Time
In Camera Session; August Long Weekend Chaos; New Official Plan; Deputation re: Problems at Concession 8; Walkways in Georgian Bay Estates Area: Kettle’s Paths; Streamlining Meetings; Bluewater Beach Just South of Concession Road 5 Purchased, Adjacent Waterfront Owners Reassured; Owners of Plan 813 of Bluewater Beach Reassured By Council
Full Report: Parking Advisory Committee Recommendations; Dissenting Parking Advisory Committee Report; Parking Deputations; Mike Vallee’s Salvage Yard on the 14th Closed; Proposed Boating Restriction; $2,500 Budget Authorized for Small Craft Committee; Substantial Over Expenditure on Fire Station #1 in Lafontaine; Closed Session; Parking Advisory Recommendations & Discussion; Township’s Community Beach Statement Initiative; Andew Chowmentowski’s Dissenting Report
Partial Report on Council: Funding for Water Testing Program Cancelled.
Shoreline Parking Parameters; Battle of Georgian Bay; Lafontaine Parks & Recreation Receives Funding; Holding Provision; Simcoe County Restructuring; In Camera Session
Shoreline Water Testing Program; Treasurer’s 7-Year Budget Comparison; Small Water Craft Committee; Wendake Paths; In Camera Session; Surprising Move Re: Bluewater Beach in Evening Session
In Camera Session; Presentation to Retiring Works Staff; Bay and Lake Water Testing Program; Shoreline Parking Advisory Committee; Holding Provision Application and Process
Deputation Re: Balm Beach; Parks & Rec Leases; Site 41: Is County’s Dump Site Viable?; Old County Road #61 Upgrade; Jackson Park Boat Ramp; Shoreline Parking Advisory Committee
Special Council Meeting – No Notice Given – Public Not Present
– Council Appeals County’s Approval Of The New Official Plan
Engineering Reports on Tiny’s 18 Water System; Bay Water Testing Deputation Considered; By-Law Enforcement; Confidential Session; Environment Review Tribunal Order; Recreation Co-ordinator for Parks & Recreation; $400 Capital Water Fee Spread Over Two Years
Selected Deputations: OPP Update; Proposed Bay Water Testing Initiative; Scrappers Day June 3; Part of Renouf Water System Closed; Parks & Rec Leases and Yet Another Problem with Township Land Ownership; In Camera Session; Economies at County; Public Meeting Re: Official Plan Septic System Clause Affecting Shore Area
Frustration Over Huge Increase in Water Fees and Taxes
Tiny Trails; Proposed Change to New Official Plan; Parking Advisory Committee; Site Visitation Checklist
Township Budget discussed
Huge Tax Increase Proposed
Water Systems: Will Our Taxes Soar?; New Official Plan Inches Forward; Ill Advised Changes; Balm Beach Master Plan Costly–But is it Really Too Much?; Pebble Ridge Golf Community; Deputation by Doug Moles
This meeting was held in camera. Paul Torrie, the mediator, was in attendance.
Mediator for Beach Access; Severn Sound Remedial Action Plan; Road Management Plan; Official Plan Approval Delayed Again; Tiny Trails Superbuild Application; Ainley Group; New Regulations for Bonfires; Citizens Appointed to Township Committees
Deputations by Grant & O’Driscoll; Renouf Water System; Appointment of Township Surveyor; Full-Time Recreation Co-Ordinator; Jackson Park Boat Launch; Battle of Georgian Bay; Fire Safety House
Financial Report; Renouf Water System; Concession 2 Entertainment Facility; Lafontaine Rink; Parking Strategy Suspended; Pebble Ridge; Land Identification; Extension of Mediator’s Mandate Saught; Anti-Amalgamation Resolution Passed