Township of Tiny Council

The Township of Tiny is governed by a five-member elected Council – a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three Councillors who are elected at large by the whole Township every 4 years. The next municipal election will be held Monday, October 26, 2026. Elections for municipal government are held every four years. In municipal elections in Ontario, candidates are not elected to represent a political party.

Simcoe County Council is composed of the mayors and deputy mayors of each of the sixteen towns and townships located within Simcoe County.

There are two main types of Tiny Council meetings. There are agendas for each kind of meeting here on the Township website.  The agendas are normally published just a few days before the meeting.

Committee of the Whole typically starts at 9 am and often lasts much of the day. During Committee of the Whole, Council hears announcements and deputations (both scheduled and unscheduled), discusses staff reports and decides what to do about them. It considers correspondence and decides whether to take action on letters received. It also has in camera sessions (confidential sessions that are not live-streamed or open to the public) to discuss property matters, problems linked to individuals, hiring new members of staff and the like.

At the Regular Meeting of Council which follows directly after Committee of the Whole or which takes place in the evening, it formally passes by-laws, and makes formal moves decided on earlier in the day, or during the previous meeting’s Committee of the Whole.  Ideally, there should be a waiting period of two or three weeks before a decision is formalized to allow time for reflection and for public reaction.

Council meetings are video streamed live on Youtube here  and past meetings can also be viewed

Communicating with Council

Check out Council’s page for current procedures.

Both types of deputation normally happen at the beginning of the meeting around 9:30 am.

Open deputation – 5 minutes maximum, no Powerpoint allowed, must be related to something on the agenda, can be booked until 8 am on the day via email

Scheduled deputation – 10 minutes maximum, Powerpoint can be shown (must be sent in ahead of time), can be on any relevant topic,  must be scheduled via the Deputation request form approximately a week ahead of time

Letter – Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and/or Members of Council will be distributed directly to them. Correspondence will not be included on a Council agenda unless the writer specifically requests inclusion on a public agenda. (In that case, your comments together with your name and address may be included on the agenda and may appear online.)