FoTTSA – The Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations

FoTTSA promotes thriving and sustainable shoreline communities in Tiny Township by bringing together and representing almost all of the associations of shoreline residents. FoTTSA uses effective communication, education and advocacy to:

• Promote positive environmental stewardship

• Provide leadership for sound public policy on key issues

• Cooperate with other key partners that support like goals and objectives

All year round, for your association and all your members, FoTTSA:

1. promotes the aims and objectives of residents of the shoreline communities and their associations in Tiny Township

2. assists the formation of associations of shoreline communities where they don’t currently exist

3. provides a forum for members to discuss issues and exchange information

4. helps members get information on issues and problem resolution

5. advocates for government policy that furthers the aims of the shoreline associations including the adoption and enforcement of bylaws

6. champions the protection, enhancement, and wise use of the environment of the shoreline

7. monitors area development proposals, considering the principles of sound land-use planning and environmental management

8. Supports the Tiny community through charitable initiatives

Do you know what Tiny Township is planning for the next year and how it may impact your beach?

Do you know how your tax dollars are being spent?

Do you know what development projects are planned for Simcoe County in the future?

FoTTSA does!  Keep your association in the loop!

FoTTSA is your voice in Tiny Township to make sure that our shoreline communities remain vibrant and sustainable for generations to come.

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