Reports on Council are compiled from the observations of FoTTSA volunteers. The observers also draw on information in agendas and official minutes available at Council decisions appear as resolutions and by-laws in the minutes of the regular Council meetings. All Council meetings are now live streamed and recorded: Council Meetings Live Stream.

Reports on Tiny Council March 13, 2024

TC Energy Pumped Storage Project, sewage reinspection program, Council remuneration, library services, microsurfacing, dust suppressant, Intus Smart Networks, pickleball, deputations: noise and safety impact of unregulated gun ranges, TC Energy Project

Reports on Tiny Council January 31 and February 21, 2024

Remuneration of Council, septage disposal, Rogers Telecom Tower request, vehicle purchases, SSEA update on Local Climate Action Plan, Director of Planning and Development hired, 2024 taxes, deputations: hours dedicated to deputations, Rogers Telecom Tower on Cedar Point Rd, property access fees, new municipal building.

Reports on Tiny Council January 2024

Deputations: new Municipal Building and tax increase; regulation of discharge of firearms, Appeal of Committee of Adjustment decision, flag raising, proposed new by-law decreasing opportunities for public deputations, Cultural Alliance Terms of Reference approved

Reports on Tiny Council December 2023

Tiny library services, award presentation, septage treatment – Midland, noise by-law exemption request, deputations: library services, budget concerns

Reports on Tiny Council November 2023

New fleet GPS tracking system, STR fee raise, EDCNS Innovation Hub proposal, Farlain Lake algae, CAMsafe program, Tiny Beaches road design, Municipal Heritage Register, ombudsman report on Airport meeting, report on Town Hall meeting, deputations: STR fee raise, discharge of firearms, pedestrian safety Woodland Beach, camping on vacant lot, Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors anniversary

Report on Tiny Council October 11, 2023

Mayor’s ad hoc Task Force on Community Wellness, Perkinsfield water meters, drilling of new well in Lafontaine, deputations – request to purchase a portion of closed road and removal of township fence, status of STR appeal, draft budget preparation preliminary report, STRs – implementation and staffing costs, Township seeking to assume property in Georgian Heights, Simcoe County draft budget, handling unreasonable customer behaviour, Dynamic Beach Management Strategy costing

Report on Tiny Council September 20, 2023

2024 Budget Survey results, Closed Sessions to be scheduled before regular Council meetings, audited 2022 financial statements, letters to Council re speed signs & bike lanes and prioritizing Municipal Building over other infrastructure deficits.

Report on Tiny Council August 9 and 30, 2023

Telephone system replacement, appointment of Communications Officer & Marriage Commissioner, Master Plan Class EA for supply & treatment of municipal drinking water, flag raising requests, building permit activity & 2nd quarter variance report, Toanche Pavilion update, Jackson Park Coastal assessment, overview of drainage law & request for Drainage Superintendent, Association of Municipalities Ontario conference, new municipal building, streamlining of approvals under the Aggregate Resources Act.

Report on Tiny Council July 19, 2023

Taxing places of worship, alcohol in Tiny parks/beaches, ballpark lighting in Wyevale, cell towers in north Tiny, Tiny Island causeway, Zoning By-laws, speed control TBR north of 15 th conc., Asset Management Program, Perkinsfield water meters, Noise By-law and nuisance calls, Recycle Everywhere program.

Report on Tiny Council June 7 and 28, 2023

Interim Control By-law, STR Update, Terry Fox run, Mayor’s ad hoc Task Force onCommunity Wellness, Oak Wilt disease, Streamlining of approvals under the Aggregate Resource Act, 2024 Public Budget Survey, deputations re: history of beach zoning changes and TBRN speeding, alcohol in public parks, 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, taxing places of worship.

Report on Tiny Council May 17, 2023

Deputations re new municipal office building; Terry Fox Run support approved; farming community concern regarding allowable severances; building activity first quarter; MPAC Annual Report for 2022; Lyme disease; lot grading/drainage plan approved; municipal law enforcement officers appointed.

Report on Tiny Council April 5 and 26, 2023

Sewage system reinspection report, Art in the Heart of Georgian Bay, Teedon Pit zoning by-law amendment, consolidated speed limit by-law, tax-rate by-law, proposed provincial site-plan control changes, delineation of public beaches, Water Master Plan, parking permits.

Report on Tiny Council March 1, 15 and 27, 2023

Deputation regarding Code of Contact complaint about meeting attendance; Council remuneration effective January 1, 2023; letter of credit request for Le Villageois de Lafontaine Water and Sewage Systems denied; Dynamic Beach Management Strategy report scheduled for May 17, Council offered guidance regarding Tiny Strategic Plan Update 2020-2025 from consultant.

Report on Tiny Council January 11 and 18, February 1 and 22, 2023

Bill 23 changes, Wyebridge post boxes, deputations regarding STRs, population growth in Tiny, government funded projects, budget comments