Tiny Cottager Fall 2021  

Tiny Cottager Spring 2021


Tiny Cottager Fall 2020

Tiny Cottager Spring 2020

Lake Huron and Georgian Bay Water Levels p. 1
Late Breaking News Regarding Georgian Bay’s High Water Levels. p.2
Innovative Ways North Simcoe Businesses Are Responding to COVID-19 Limitations p.3
How a Tiny Connection Helped Bring About Hospice Huronia’s New Facility p.3
Report on Council p.4
Chris Figgures’ Cartoon p.4
Invasive Phragmites and High Water Levels: The Bad News and the Good News p.5
Update on the Teedon Pit Fight p.7
Order Your Save Our Water Sign Today.p.7
How Community Leaders Are Helping to Restart North Simcoe’s Economy p.8
Slow Internet? No Internet? What Tiny Township Is Doing to Help Solve This Dilemma p.10
Coming Home to the Cottage: Georgian Bay General Hospital Is Fully Prepared p.10
Home and Cottage Services p.11
Feeling Hungry? Look Who’s Serving p.12
The Tiny Cottager Short-Term Rental Survey: What You Told Us p.12
Our Summer Reading List. p.13
Recent Awards Recognize Local Volunteers p.15

Tiny Cottager Fall 2019

Scientist Urges a Moratorium on Aggregate Extraction – p.1
Fall/Winter Events – p.2
Tiny’s Farm Crawls Continue Drawing Crowd – p. 3
Business Success Stories Promote Investment in North Simcoe – p.3
Report on Council – p. 4
Chris Figgures’ cartoon – p.  4
Farlain Lake: From Dry to Drowning- p. 5
Update on the Fight to Protect the World’s Purest Water- p. 5
Is Another Gypsy Moth Infestation on the Horizon- p. 6
Remembering WWI Soldiers from Tiny Who Never Returned- p.  6
Ransomware: Stick’Em Up – p. 7
FoTTSA Special Report: Your Guide to the 2019 Federal Election- p.  8
Tiny’s Climate Change Action Plan – p. 10
Bell Weather- p. 10
Protect Your Pets from These Tiny Township Predators- p. 12
What’s Your Tiny Heritage- p. 12
“The Best Radio Station Ever” Is Here in Tiny- p.  13
May 11, 2019: Beach Reps Meet for First Presidents’ Roundtable – p.  14
Culture Knows No Borders- p.  14
Mayor’s Golf Tournament Triumphs Over the Elements- p. 15

Tiny Cottager Spring 2019 

Simcoe and Tiny under Scrutiny of Regional Government Review -p.1
Spring/Summer Events -p.2
FoTTSA Boating and Swimming Safety Survey: Concerns and Consensus -p.3
Two Upcoming Family-friendly Bio-Activities at Tiny Marsh -p.3
Report on Council-p.4
Footprints in the Sand -p.5
Good News About Controlling Invasive Phragmites!-p.5
Tips for Selling or Maintaining the Value of Your Home -p.6
FoTTSA Special Report: The Site 41 Aquifer Is at Risk Again-p.8
Tiny Farm Crawl Returns with Two Events in 2019-p.10
On Hand to Help with Invasive Species-p.10
Volunteer Committee – Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament-p.12
Status Report on Accessing High-Speed Internet in Tiny-p.12
Georgian Bay Water Levels Continue Rising-p.13
Enhancements Mean GBGH Now Offers More -p.14

Tiny Cottager Fall 2018 

Teedon Pit Update – p.1
Fall/Winter Events – p.2
Shifting Real Estate Trends – p.4
Chris Figgures’ Cartoon – p.4
Report Card: Tiny Township Council 2014-218 – p.4
Opinion – Front Lot Owners Check Your Title – p.5
FoTTSA’s Response to O.P. Draft 3 – p.5
In Fond Memory of Richard Hinton – p.7
Tiny Cottager Reader Surveys – p.8

Volunteering on a Township Committee – p.9
2018 Municipal Election Special – p.10
2018 Municipal Election Special continued p.11
2018 Municipal Election Special continued p.12
Your Vote Matters – p.12
Care and Feeding of Your Septic System – p.13
Grass Carp Invasion? – p.14
2018 Water Sampling Report – p.15
Snapchat – p.17
Tiny Youth Drop-in Program – p.17
4th Annual Mayor’s Golf Tournament – p.18
Maker Space at Midland Library – p.19

Tiny Cottager Spring 2018 

Gravel Pit in Concession 1: Water Taking, Expansion – p.1
Spring/Summer Events – p.2
Shoulder to Shoulder at the First Nations’ Water Ceremony – p.3
Report on Council – p.4
An Update on Tiny’s Official Plan – p.5
Sign Up for the 4th Annual Tiny Township Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament – p.7
Preventing Microplastic Pollution in the Bay – p.7
Wicked Weeds of the West – p.8
Get Ready for This Fall’s Municipal Election – p.9
Tiny and Penetanguishene: A Major War Hero and His Pioneer Forebears, Part II – p.10
SSEA Invasive Species Program Update – p.11
Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Comes to Midland Cultural Centre May 26 – p.12
Grow Your Own Wildflower Magic – p.12
The Bay Studio Tour 2018: Preview – p.13
Bringing the Lafontaine Beach Park Master Plan to Life – p.13
The Boat – p.14