December 2020 Update

Map of areas scheduled for internet upgrades

SWIFT  (SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc) is a not-for-profit, collective broadband initiative that is funding the construction of an affordable, open-access, ultra-high-speed fibre-optic regional broadband network for everyone in Southwestern Ontario. SWIFT is working on our behalf to fix the broken communications system in Ontario and improve the infrastructure.

Barry Field, the Chief Operating Officer of SWIFT, gave a presentation at the FoTTSA AGM on June 22nd, explaining how SWIFT works and what the timeline is for Simcoe County and Tiny Township. On the maps included, the blue outlined areas are considered to have acceptable 50/10 coverage so are NOT eligible for SWIFT projects and the orange dots represent premises (user density). Read the presentation here.

Participate by confirming your current level of internet service using the SWIFT Internet Service Mapping:

Glossary: WOWC – Western Ontario Warden’s Caucus – not for profit representing 15 counties and municipalities in southwestern Ontario

ISP/TSP – Internet Service Provider/Telecom Service Provider

50/10 – 50 megabits per second download speed/10 megabits per second upload speed

FTTH (fibre to the home)/ fibre – internet connection delivered through fibre optic cables

HFC – Hybrid fibre-coaxial – broadband network that combines fibre optic cables (for example running along the road) and coaxial cable (from the road into each home)

Wireless broadband – high speed (broadband) internet delivered without cables through radio frequencies

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line – the successor to dial-up internet, DSL uses existing phone lines with a modem, so phone and internet can be used at the same time. Slow speed so now being replaced by cable or fibre optic lines (highspeed) in many plac

Local News – new Internet and Cell Service Ad Hoc Committee

Tiny Township Council Meetings March 11 and 25, 2019

In response to a draft motion from Deputy Mayor Walma, an Ad Hoc Committee is to be established to discuss partnerships and ideas regarding internet and cell service to residents in rural municipalities. The Committee is to include Deputy Mayor Walma, Councillor Mintoff, appropriate members of staff and Chris McLaughlin from the North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation.