The new council began its term December 1991 and has since dealt with many issues:

• A new Stream Protection Policy was adopted to stop the destruction of water courses by development.
• Decisions were made to discontinue:
The Economic Development Committee
The French Language Advisory Committee
The Public Safety Committee
The Snow Removal Rebate Program for Seniors
• Parking fines were increased.
• The new budget will keep the municipal portion of the tax bill to zero increase. The school board portion increases by 8%.
• Garbage pick-up in the beach communities has been reduced to one time per week. This cut saved $9,000, or less than 4% of Tiny’s annual garbage costs of $250,000. Council invites your comments.
• On April 29th, Council voted 4-0 (in Doug Taylor’s absence out of province) to allocate $40,000 of Township taxes to reinstate the Recreation Master Plan Study. This study looks at the future development of shoreline and other parks in Tiny, and was suspended by the previous Council because of the uncertainty over ownership of township lands on the beach and the large financial impact of restructuring.
• The Ontario Municipal Board stated in October 1991: “that could make a study based on present ownership assumptions an expensive irrelevance.” The province has refused any grant money for the study. Watch for notice of consultation about beach parks near you, or call …. If you are not being consulted.

*Council meets the 2nd, 3rd, and last Wednesday evenings of each month at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Offices, Perkinsfield. Agendas are available in the Municipal Office in the later afternoon of the previous Friday. Please note, however, that items not on the agenda can be, and often are, dealt with at Council meetings.

*Council also meets as Committee of the Whole, usually at 1 p.m. on the same days as Council meetings. Significant discussions and deputations occur at these non-advertised public meetings.

P.S.: Anyone wishing to apply for a Conversion Permit to live year round should do so now, as stringent new provincial guidelines will soon be coming into effect, for example, affecting septic systems.