Tiny Election Review – Facts & Figures

Tiny Election Review – Facts & Figures – 

In the November 1991 municipal elections, major issues were at stake. Restructuring of Simcoe County will have a dramatic impact on property taxes in Tiny Township, and was strong opposed by cottagers and the Federation; the MNR lawsuit could result in the loss of land by property owners along 16 miles of shoreline.

The Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations formed a committee to study the position of all candidates and to inform seasonal residents of the issues.

These election efforts brought out twice as many seasonal voters as in 1988, although the turnout among the 12,000 seasonal voters eligible was still only 20%. On the other hand, about 80% of the inland voters turned out. The final tally showed that Reeve Lancia lost but received more votes than it took him to win in 1988. His final tally was 2786 compared to the current Reeve Hastings’ 4249. At the end of the day, November 12, 1991, the elected council was: Ross Hastings, Reeve; Peter Stubbins, Deputy Reeve; Councillors, Gail Barrie, Fern Maurice and Doug Taylor.

Looking ahead to 1994, we can see that voters in the shoreline communities are gradually waking up to the need to exercise their democratic rights. Seasonal votes are cast mainly at advance polls, and have about doubled in each of the last four elections:

1980 – 140 voted at advance polls (110 seasonal)

1982 – 243 voted at advance polls

1985 – 793 voted at advance polls

1988 – 1500 voted at advance polls (1200 seasonal)

1991 – 3200 voted at advance polls (2500 seasonal)

Shoreline residents are realizing the only vote that counts is one that actually gets into the ballot box.

In 1991 we supported one of the successful Councillors, Doug Taylor. If we can again double the turnout of seasonal voters in 1994, we may have a Tiny Council which better reflects the interests of all Tiny Township voters, including beach community property owners.

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