FoTTSA Report on Tiny Council Meeting September 21, 2022

Committee of the Whole Meeting: September 21, 2022: 9:54 a.m. – 1:49 p.m.
Regular Meeting of Council: September 21, 2022: 9:00 a.m. – 9:54 a.m.
Attendance: All members of Council present at both meetings

• Short-Term Rental Accommodation Applications, October 4 to November 15, 2022
• Budget Meetings: December 7, 2022; January 25, 2023; March 1, 2023; March 29, 2023
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2023 PUBLIC BUDGET SURVEY RESULTS: These were based on 287 responses, though just how this sample was selected is not explained. Of interest are:
1) budget priorities: short-term rental management 42%; beach access, delineation and public spaces 41%; road improvements 38%; and connectivity, cell phone and internet (broadband) improvements 37%
2) desired long-term investments: road infrastructure, bridges and drainage 51%; trails, beaches and parks 50%; connectivity (cell phone and internet improvements 83%; improved public beach access and delineation 41%
3) top three services that should be enhanced or stay at current levels:

A) beach maintenance 38% / 53%;
B) roads and sidewalk maintenance 36% / 58%;
C) by-law enforcement and services 34% / 48%

4) Receiving value for tax dollars: 86% gave ratings of great, good, or fair.

PUBLIC: Technical Issues with the equipment that allows livestreaming of Council meetings are still being experienced. This matter will be addressed again on October 12. Advisory Committees of Council are to be given the opportunity to return to in person meetings if they wish.

NEW ZONING BY-LAW UPDATE: On September 21, a change to the approach to boathouses is expected to help protect the shoreline in Tiny significantly. Boathouses are to be set back 15 metres from the 178 metre G.S.C. elevation. Changes made to the By-law since the public meeting are deemed minor in nature and will be passed on October 12.

COUNCIL (NSERC) GRANT APPLICATION: Council supported submitting a Letter of Intent to NSERC from the Township of Tiny regarding the proposed Elmvale Ground Water Study Grant Application. According to this letter, the Township is to partner with the groundwater project. The Township is to contribute staff time, travel, and supplies, over a period of six years, valued at $35,800. Staff anticipate a range of benefits from being a project partner including learning more about the extraordinary water in the township’s southeast corner and how to extract aggregate in an environmentally responsible way.

PROPOSED FEDERAL ELECTORAL MAP CHANGES: In a letter dated August 30, Adam Chambers, MP for Simcoe North, let Mayor Cornell and Council know that all parts of Oro Medonte currently in Simcoe North are proposed to be moved to Barrie Springwater Oro Medonte. In addition, Simcoe North would be renamed Penetanguishene-Couchiching. Chambers wrote “Please consider whether your town or city would like to make a formal submission or how you might best inform your affected residents.” Council resolved not to support the name change proposal and recommended that the riding continue to be known as Simcoe North. The resolution was forwarded to the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario by the September 25, 2022 deadline.