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Reports on Council: 2014-2018

Report on Council: April 25, 2016

New Senior Member of Staff Introduced; Proposed Arboretum; Special Occasion Parking Permit Program; Swim to Survive Program; Ice/Water Rescue Vehicle; Speed Calming for Tiny Beaches Road South Between Con.5 and Betty Road; Septage Advisory Committee [more]

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Reports on Council: 2010-2014

Report on Council: August 29, 2011

Maintenance at Concession 8 End Discussed; LHIN Vision and 3-Year Strategic Plan Presented; Farlain Lake Community Association/Speeding Concerns; West Shore Drive Road Realignment Approved; By-Law Infractions & Animal Control Reviewed; Monthly Comparative Building Permit Report; By-Law Designates a Community Safety Zone on Conc. 5; Communications Received; Amendment of the Official Plan: Zoning for Wind Turbines; Bishop Water Technologies/Geotube Dewatering Technology [more]