December 1, 2001:  1 pm to 4 pm

All members of Council Present

109 in attendance

This 100-acre development proposal in Lot 25, concession 2 involves 339 seasonal trailer sites, 10 one-bedroom cabins, a lodge/recreational centre, an outdoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, and a ball diamond. A paintball adventure area and mountain biking trails are also planned.  OFFICIAL PLAN and ZONING AMENDMENTS are required if this development is to go forward.

LITTLE NOTICE GIVEN: Only neighbours and beach associations in Concessions 1 to 5 were sent a notice about the planning meeting, and only one advertisement was placed in the local press. Yet this development‹which could put MORE THAN 1,000 VACATIONERS onto the brow of the Nipissing Bluff in Concession 2--has the potential to have a large impact on beaches everywhere in Tiny. 

PRESENTATION OF WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS CONFUSING: Some 25 reports, letters, and memos were presented in random order, each one summarized in a sentence and assessed as being in support or in opposition to the proposal.  This was confusing to the general public. 

The DEVELOPER spoke about a retirement community and about adrenaline sports. His FOUR EXPERTS spoke positively about sanitary servicing, traffic, noise, availability of water, but in the absence of peer reviews by independent experts employed by the township, it was hard to know how to assess them. It is clear, however, that the potential for adverse environmental impact is great given the amount of water to be drawn from wells and the amount of sewage to be dealt with.

SIX INDIVIDUALS spoke in SUPPORT of the proposal, including Anthony Lancia and the manager of the Wasaga Paint Ball enterprise.

Among the THIRTEEN WHO SPOKE IN OPPOSITION were Tiny Residents Working Together, representatives from Edmore/Georgian Heights, Deanlea, Rochelle, and Kingswood Beaches and from the Eighteenth Concession, plus individual neighbours, a neighbouring subdivision, and the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations. Questions were raised about the proposed development's impact on wildlife, trails, well water, and groundwater.  People questioned the intensity of the development, the suitability of a paint ball adventure park to Tiny, the accuracy of the traffic assessment, the standards used in the noise assessment, and the "vision" that would combine a retirement trailer park with paint ball. Two speakers pointed out that this proposal will have real costs to the community (policing, by-law enforcement, parking, beach use, road wear and tear) but that it will contribute almost nothing to offset these expenses because trailers pay no property taxes. 



Ultimate Escapes

Dear Independent Contractor:

1.  Concept:  Ultimate Escapes is an umbrella company which allows individuals or independent contractors to cross-fertilize their recreational services or products under a common name (Home Hardware concept).

Services to include:

1.  Adrenalin Sports:  mountain/recreational biking, windsurfing, paintball, wall climbing, scuba and dogsledding.

2.  Leisure Sports:  beach volleyball, lawn bowling, horseshoes, soccer.

3.  Call of the Wild:  ecotours with kayaks and canoes, fly fishing and hunting, garden and nature trail walks, bird watching, horseback riding, orienteering and woodcraft challenges, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing.

4.  Learning and Entertainment: farm tours, DJ, crafts and theater arts, specialty lecturers and seminars.

5.  Health and Wellness:  massage therapy.

6.  Food:  pig and beef roasts, local produce and organic foods.

7. Accommodation:  local bed and breakfasts, motels and campgrounds.

8. Transportation:  school bus transportation, cars can be left at Aurora office base.

2.  Location:

-200 acres in Woodland Beach, with several distinct areas: hard and softwood bush, newly cultivated pines, farm land, pond with an island, and escarpment ridge

-the escarpment ridge runs diagonally through property facing Blue Mountain across the bay

-property is 10 minutes from Wasaga beach, located at major road intersection of County road #29 and Tiny Conc. #3W

-existing services: phone, hydro, water

-close facilities:  Tiny Marsh, Nottawasaga River, BlueBerry Trails, Tiny Trails, extensive existing snowmobile and mountain bike trails below escarpment ridge

3.  Remuneration:

-each independent contractor will charge Ultimate Escapes a fee for services or product to be rendered (the fee can be on a per person basis or a flat fee)

-Ultimate escapes requires a fee structure in advance for each service or product to be rendered (wholesale price); this is in order to present costs (retail price) to the client (event organizer) with the mark-up reflecting marketing costs and Ultimate Escapes overhead

-each independent contractor will be given an area in the Aurora showroom to display their product or service

-client or event organizer will enter showroom and create their own package of services - their own 'Ultimate Escape'

- we will encourage groups of 20 or more to make it cost effective to open and staff the Ultimate Escapes event:  free entry for organizer

-events are to be prepaid and prebooked through the Aurora office which will allow each contractor to be given ample notice before the event

4.  Marketing:

-main marketing base:  Aurora - one of York regions fastest growing communities

-base address is at 58 Wellington St. East, which is a fully restored historic home

-second floor reception and showroom will display services and products

-showroom will be separated into the following areas:  see concept service list #1 to #8

-indoor and outdoor signs at Aurora Main base, high traffic flow from Yong St.

- outdoor signs at major crossroads leading into Wasaga beach (hot tourist destination)

-tapping into existing established markets:  River Run, outdoor clubs, service clubs etc.

-promoting outdoor adventure leadership Aurora Optimist sponsored youth

-travel for inspiration and renewal ­ contacting company group retreat planner

-visitor guides and promotional fliers

- Web site

5.  Time Table:

If you are an interested independent contractor and you have a service or product which you would like Ultimate Escapes to market, then please:

1.  submit a financial proposal outlining what your wholesale costs will be on a per person or flat fee basis.

2.  if you are a lecturer please submit your resume and speaking fee.

3.  provide brochures, props or samples to be placed in the Aurora showroom; you are welcome to help create your distinct area in the showroom.

Than-you for your interest in Ultimate Escapes.


Don Stubbs.

For the Federation's submission, click here.(.pdf file - 140k)