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- December 11, 2000 (the first public working meeting of the new Council)

Committee of the Whole met at 10 am, and Council convened, as usual, at 7 pm at the Municipal Offices on Balm Beach Road.

1. 2000 FINANCIAL REPORT: The treasurer reported that, judging by figures to the end of November, the year 2000 should come in under budget.

2. RENOUF WATER SYSTEM, BALM BEACH: This privately owned system apparently serves some 120 homes, including 15, year-round, dwellings. As a system it has major defects, has been under a boil water order since 1992, and now, since nothing has been remedied, has been ordered by the province to shut down at the end of the year. The public works manager emphasized that the township would be unwise to assume this system. It would probably cost as much as $15,000 per household to install a proper system (cost to be borne, as with all township water systems, by home owners on the system). In his view the affected Balm Beach households would be better advised to drill their own wells, at a cost of $7,000 or $8,000 each. Various options were discussed to tide people over in the short term.

3. CONCESSION 2 ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY: Deputation by Dr. Donald Stubbs re zoning change and Official Plan amendment for property on Conc. 2 between County Rd. 29 and TBRS, which is to include 200-300 camp sites, a swimming pool, mountain bike trails, paintball park, structures/buildings, etc. Dr. Stubbs is concerned about the expense of consultants to meet requirements for impact studies on the environment, noise, neighbours, beach access, roads, etc. He wanted some guarantee/reassurance that his expenses would result in a favourable outcome. All Council members were very positive about the good "fit" of the project for Tiny but were non-committal in terms of outcome.

4. LAFONTAINE RINK: Deputation by Rob Elrick, President of the Lafontaine Recreation Association, re an addition to the Lafontaine rink. They have raised $125,000 but need $235,000. He requested the municipality to provide $50,000 plus an addition loan of $50,000 to be paid back over a negotiated period of time. Council appeared to view this proposal favourably and promised to review it.

5. SHORELINE ADVISORY PARKING COMMITTEE: A vote was taken 5-0 to establish a Committee to examine all current shoreline parking issues, including visits to "Hot Spots." It is to report to Council by April 8/2001. The Committee is to consist of 2 waterfront members, 2 backlot members, 2 inland members, and Bob Buchkowsky and Pierre Paul Maurice from Council, one of whom will act as Chairman. [Motion #: 901/00]

6. PARKING STRATEGY SUSPENDED: A vote was taken 5-0 to suspend the parking strategy and place it on hold until recommendations from the new Shoreline Advisory Parking Committee have been received. [Motion #: 902/00]

7. PEBBLE RIDGE (phase 2 of the Blairhampton Development, concessions 20 and 21). Approval of this golf course/subdivision proposal had been defeated on environmental grounds by a 3 (Lancia, O'Driscoll, Posey)-2 (Hughes, Salisbury) vote by the previous Council, on the recommendation of the township's planning consultants The Planning Partnership. Blairhampton has appealed this decision to the Ontario Municipal Board. This new Council decided, 4-0 (Buchkowsky removed from process as his wife is an employee), to seek a peer review of The Planning Partnership's recommendation (to be paid for by the developer). Council will determine whether to fight the appeal or to approve the Pebble Ridge development based on the results of the peer review. [Motion #: 903/00] Ainley & Associates Limited are to do the review.

8. LAND IDENTIFICATION: Several resolutions [Motion #: 904/00] passed 5-0 on interrelated subjects. The Land Identification Committee was dissolved. David Lambden, the land surveyor and boundary expert, is to become Township Surveyor (terms to be determined), reporting to Council via the CAO. His original contract with a $10,000 retainer was discontinued and the new agreement will be on a "pay as you go" basis. He will acquire legal advice as needed from sources less expensive than Weir & Foulds.

9. EXTENSION OF MEDIATOR'S MANDATE SOUGHT: A Gordon Salisbury motion to support the Mediator's request that his term of appointment be extended to July 31, 2001 passed, 5-0 [Motion #: 932/00]. Council views progress to date favourably and wants the Mediator to finish and report before the 2001 summer season. The Clerk/CAO is to attend meetings at the request of the mediator to help out.[Motion #: 933/00]

10. ANTI-AMALGAMATION RESOLUTION: A Frank Hughes resolution passed, 5-0, stating that Tiny Township should remain an independent municipality for the forseeable future.

Motion #: 901/00

WHEREAS the residents of Tiny Township, whatever their views, have expressed genuine concern regarding their ability to provide continuing future input into the Shoreline Parking Management Strategy; and

WHEREAS the Township Parking Strategy will require continuing review, and Council will also require ongoing input from all residents in order to maintain a consistent and equitable Shoreline Parking Strategy;


i) Review on site, all of the site specific recommendations and updates of the Shoreline Parking Management Strategy. Recommendations and a report and to be submitted to Council by April 8, 2001. ii) Review future requests by residents for parking changes. iii) Monitor the ongoing parking situation in Tiny Township. iv) Make ongoing appropriate recommendations to Council.

AND THAT the PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE comprise of six residents representing a fair cross section of the Township; that is two waterfront, two backlot, two inland residents and two members of Council of which one to act as Chairman.

AND THAT all the usual regulations concerning Committees of the Township apply.

Motion #: 902/00

WHEREAS Council has instituted a PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE effective December 11, 2000 to review the Shoreline Parking Management Strategy;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT any further reports from The Planning Partnership regarding the Parking Strategy be delayed until the new committee has completed its review of the original recommendations.

Motion #: 903/00

WHEREAS largely as a result of the negative report of October 24, 2000 from The Planning Partnership regarding Pebbleridge Golf Course, Council did not approve this application for an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment and;

WHEREAS the results of declining this application are far reaching regarding potential costs incurred as a result of: i) An appeal to the OMB; ii) Loss of tax revenue, and iii) loss of economic benefits to the Township;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT a peer review of The Planning Partnership report dated October 24, 2000 be undertaken by the Ainley Group. Such review to be treated with some urgency in view of an appeal already lodged with the OMB.

Motion #: 904/00

WHEREAS Council has created the position of Township Surveyor, who will report directly to Council via the CAO/Clerk, thereby simplifying implementation of the Land Identification Project;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Lands Committee be dissolved effective December 11, 2000 and that all documents, material and papers, held on behalf of the Committee by its members, be returned immediately to the CAO/Clerk.

Motion #: 932/00

WHEREAS the Provincial Mediator's mandate expires on December 31, 2000 at a time when considerable progress has been made, it is the hope of this Council that the mandate will be extended until July 31, 2001 in order that this project be successfully completed prior to the 2001 summer season;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT a letter from the Mayuor be sent to the Attorney General requesting the Provincial Mediator's mandate be extended to July 31, 200l.

Motion #: 933/00

WHEREAS this Council believes all our residents are looking forward to a fair and acceptable resolution to the question of beach access in the Township of Tiny. To this end, Council wishes to lend whatever support is necessary for success of the Provincial mediator's project;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council authorizes the Township CAO/Clerk to attend such meetings at which the Provincial Mediator requests the CAO/Clerk's presence. And further that the CAO/Clerb is hereby authorized to offer, wherever practical, occasional administrative assistance upon request, not involving excessive time or expense.