December 10, 2001

Committee of the Whole 10:10 am - 5:53

Evening Council Meeting (including Planning Meetings) 7 pm to 9:42 pm

All members of Council present



Receptionist -- Anne Gignac

Operator/Roads Lead Hand -- Mark Marcellus

RENOUF LATERAL WATERMAINS: On the recommendation of the Township Solicitors who want all potential impediments to the implementation of Option D (individual wells and wells shared by 5 or fewer properties) removed, it was agreed that, should that option be permitted, "any current Renouf Water Distribution System user who is required to share a well be provided the option to create a lateral watermain across a Township road, if required."

LAFONTAINE WATER WORKS PURCHASED: The Lafontaine water works is to be purchased for $2 and the appeal against the Ministry of the Environment regarding its requirement that the Township take over the water works is to be withdrawn.


Failure to hold a fire permit -- $155

Burning contrary to the rules of the fire permit -- $305

Burning when a fire ban is in effect -- $500

MOTION RE BLAIRHAMPTON PROPERTIES: The County of Simcoe is not happy with several aspects of the Pebble Ridge phase of the Blairhampton development in the north west of Tiny. All the neighbours of the proposed development (subdivision and golf course) also have serious concerns. Here is the motion passed by Council.

MOTION #: 900/01

WHEREAS Council has previously passed a resolution on February 12, 2001 listing the minimum set of conditions this Council would have approved the relevant Zoning By-law and amendments to the then governing Official Plan, thereby having taken reasonable steps to narrow the issues involved;

AND WHEREAS the combined cost of all parties at the OMB Hearing appears to be already more than $600,000;

AND WHEREAS a proportion of these costs is likely to be borne by the ratepayers of the Township of Tiny and the County of Simcoe, since the applicant's appeal is against both this municipality and the County.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT as co-defendants with the County of Simcoe and in the interest of reducing costs to all parties, the Township of Tiny urgently requests the County of Simcoe Corporate Services Committee direct its planning staff to negotiate conditions of draft approval for the plan of subdivision and rezoning; and further that the County of Simcoe planning staff be directed to report to the County of Simcoe Corporate Services Committee without delay on the following matters:

• Proposed conditions for Draft Approval for the Plan of Subdivision;

• Proposed development conditions for the Golf Course; and

• Any other matters relevant to the approval of the Pebble Ridge Subdivision and Golf Course

AND BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT the County of Simcoe Corporate Services Committee provide the Township of Tiny, without delay, with a full accounting of costs incurred to date by the County, including all consultant and lawyer fees and time spent by County staff together with an estimate of similar costs for the balance of the OMB hearing.