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November 26, 2001
Council of the Whole 10:03 am - 5:23 pm
Evening Council Meeting 7:00 pm to 8:36 pm
All members of Council present

STAFF DEPARTURE: Pat Earle retired after 19 years of service with the township.

CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSION: From 2:27 pm to 5:04 pm concerning three items of litigation or potential litigation and one personal matter about an identifiable individual.

BLAIRHAMPTON BILLS NOT PAID: John Theriault, the Township Treasurer, reported that the developer Lyle Blair has failed to pay the final $50,000 installment of the $200,000 he was assessed in lieu of parkland. (This is the $50,000 which Council agreed should be assigned to Lafontaine Parks and Rec to help fund the addition to the Robert Robitaille Pavilion and for which Mr. Blair received fulsome praise in the local press.) He has also refused to pay bills submitted by Ron Watkins of Ainley and Ian Rowe of Burgar Rowe amounting to $51,476.85 in connection with the Pebble Ridge Appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, claiming that they are not his responsibility.

MAPPING: Existing regional assessment mapping is to be used to create the schedules for the new Zoning By-law -- not the maps being prepared by David Lambden. (Is this wise?)

GEORGE LAWRENCE DEPUTATION: George Lawrence expressed his indignation at being asked at the previous Council Meeting to follow the rules now in place during Question Time and said that the Mayor and Clerk had been rude to him. The Mayor apologized and explained the rules again.

PROPOSED INCREASE IN PARKING FINES AND IN FINES FOR BUILDING CODE OFFENCES: This schedule has been forwarded to the Attorney General's Office for approval and implementation on May 1, 2001:

Parking in a No Parking Zone
$50 (prompt payment) or $60 (set fine)
Parking in Fire Access Route
Parking without a Permit
Parking in a Tow-Away Zone
Parking in Handicapped Parking Area
Building Code infractions--Constructing and Demolishing without a permit, failure to notify the CBO of significant changes of plan, failure to comply with an Order--are to result in a $500 fine.

GROUNDWATER STUDY: Council agreed in principle to become a project partner with the Severn Sound Environmental Association for the proposed Groundwater Study at an approximate cost of $25,000.