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November 19, 2001
Committee of the Whole 9:07-11:22 am
Mayor Klug absent; Deputy Mayor Salisbury in the chair.

SHORELINE ISSUES: A range of issues were discussed and nudged forward a little. At the moment, the two most contentious ideas under discussion seem to be
a) fees for permit parking, possibly $10 for residents and $30 for non residents (possibly as many as 200 permits to be allocated for people in Penetang and Midland!), and
b) Gordon Salisbury's idea (by way of getting parking density back to 1999 levels) that there be public (i.e. open first come first-come-first-served) parking on concession ends close to the water, that there be permit parking on Tiny Beaches Road near Concessions, that there be permit parking on the Concession roads inland from Tiny Beaches Road and that beyond that permit parking area there be a No Parking zone.

Sites are to be checked for safety. The clerk is to price getting topographical surveys at 4 or 5 confusing public access points. The desire is that fines for parking infractions be raised steeply (the lowest, for simple parking in a No Parking zone, to be raised to $60, $50 if paid promptly); applications are to be made for the necessary approvals from authorities. A constraint in controlling the situation is that no local company will tow cars [but what about fire routes??]. The costs of various sorts of signs are to be ascertained. Such planning as is to be done in 2002 for Woodland, Trew Avenue, and Lafontaine Parks will not involve consultants or master plans. The future role of the Parking Advisory Committee is not clear. Plans are to be made for long hot weekends.