October 28, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:10 am – 4:14 pm

Evening Meeting 7:00 pm – 8:34 pm

All members of Council present




PARKING STRATEGY: Council continued its review of possible changes to parking policies for the 2003 summer season. Among the proposals discussed: whether a fee should continue to be payable for season parking permits; whether parking permits should be transferable between vehicles; whether day pass dispensers should be installed in shoreline areas; whether season permits should be made available for sale by mail. None of these proposals were discussed extensively or approved by Council. Discussion was deferred to a subsequent meeting of Council, to give members of Council an opportunity to consider the proposals put forward; and to provide interested members of the public with an opportunity to provide input to Council.


TOWNSHIP NEWSLETTER: A new Township newsletter is to be created and distributed on a regular basis to all Township residents, to supplement the Township website and current mailings with tax instalment mailings.


SHORELINE WATER QUALITY: Council continued its discussion of shoreline water quality (from the October 15 Committee of the Whole). It was noted that the Township's storm water management practices should be reviewed for possible improvement, particularly in areas where storm waters are currently channelled to concession ends.


DISCUSSION RE TOWNSHIP-OWNED SHORELINE PROPERTIES: Councillor Hughes stated his view that the Township is not doing enough to make Township-owned beaches attractive to residents. He provided, for information, to Council, a partial listing of Township-owned shoreline properties, including the five major parks. Mayor Klug stated that the major parks could be made more attractive by improving their facilities, and that this could help to take pressure off neighbourhood beaches at concession ends. No motions were made to initiate any action.


OFF-ROAD MOTORIZED VEHICLES COMMITTEE: A resolution was passed to create an Off-Road Motorized Vehicles Committee, to consist of one member from each of the Tiny Trails Committee, the Community Policing Committee, a beach association executive, and a member of the public who is an off-road motorized vehicles user. Councillor Frank Hughes will act as chair of the committee. The committee's mandate is to collect information concerning the use of all terrain vehicles (ATV's) and off-road motorized vehicles and to provide recommendations to Council by the end of January, 2003 concerning possible regulations for the use of such vehicles.


SAVE THE BEACHES DEPUTATION: Donna Ebers and Muriel Barker of the "Save the Beaches" organization presented a deputation to Council, supporting "traditional peace and harmony, neighbourliness and sharing" of the Township's beaches, and referring to the proposals set out in the Fall 2002 Interim Report of the provincially-appointed Mediators (Paul Torrie and James McKenzie) as "a first step towards sustainable solutions". Mayor Klug stated that he was pleased to hear that "Save the Beaches" supports the "legal ceasefire" concept set out in the Mediators' interim report.