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October 9, 2001
Committee of the Whole 9:10 am – 6:53 pm
Evening Council Meeting 7:15 – 8:36 pm
All Members of Council Present

CLOSED SESSIONS: 12:35 pm – 3:20 pm; also 4:28 pm – 5:37 pm

CHAOS ON SUMMER LONG HOT WEEKENDS REVISITED: Council invited Inspector Rod Lakes of the Huronia West OPP come to discuss OPP actions at Wasaga and their impact on Tiny on hot crowded weekends. They learned that roads in Wasaga were closed for safety reasons and that Wasaga reviews traffic issues before and after such weekends. Council wanted to be informed when Wasaga was being closed so that it could prepare. Staff is to investigate problems and suggest solutions and get back to Council.

PROPOSED GROUND WATER STUDY: Toward the end of the summer the Province announced that $10 million would be made available to municipalities for ground water studies and that joint applications would be viewed favourably. Keith Sherman from the Severn Sound Environmental Association presented details of a proposed groundwater study to be conducted in the Severn Sound watershed (which includes half of Tiny) and in parts of the Georgian Bay watershed (which includes the balance of Tiny). Nine municipalities, including Tiny, have agreed that the SSEA will be the project leader. Wellhead protection for 45 municipal wells in Tiny will be studied if the application is successful.

PROPOSED WYEVALE PARK EXPANSION: The Wyevale Park and Recreation Association would like to use an 11 acre tract of land, owned by the Township, on the south side of Concession 5E behind Wyevale Concrete for tennis, lawn blowing, soccer.

HOLDING PROVISION ONE STEP CLOSER: Council gave its formal approval to the Holding Provision. It has been forwarded to the County of Simcoe for approval. (See "How about a Fair and Practical Septic Re-Inspection Program," in your Fall/Winter 2001 Tiny Cottager or in "issue archives" on the Federation's website -- For a detailed description of what is proposed for 5,000 shore area property owners, see "Holding Provision Application and Process -- Shoreline Properties in the Township of Tiny" on the Township's website --

John Raynor, the Committee chair, made a deputation to Council urging that the usual agreement whereby the Georgian Bay Snowriders groom the trails and use them during the winter NOT be signed this year. The majority of the Committee (except the representative from the Snowriders and Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury) feel that the Trails are for the use of ALL the taxpayers of the Township ALL year round. They feel that Tiny's snowmobilers should NOT have to pay the user fees imposed by the Snowriders to use municipally owned trails and they feel too that some trail users are intimidated by the speed and attitude of the Snowriders and made to feel unwelcome. Contrary to the Snowriders' claims, not all businesses want them on the Trails. Also, it might be a good thing if the Trails were less well groomed, as snowmobile speed would be reduced and the trails safer for all users. While the Snowriders bring with them substantial liability insurance, the Township must also carry liability insurance and it is the Township that pays for OPP patrols on the Trails -- not the Snowriders.

GEORGIAN BAY ESTATES WATER CONTAMINATED: Somehow benzene and three other gasoline components got into the reservoir of the water system in the Sawlog Bay area on Thursday September 27th. Tiny's Water Department flushed the system and on October 10 the water was declared safe -- a long two weeks for the 200 plus affected households which had been advised not to drink, bathe in or use the water for cooking or laundry.