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September 10, 2001

Council of the Whole began shortly after 10 am and ended in late afternoon. The regular evening meeting of Council was brief.

AGENDA POSTED LATE: The agenda, usually posted on Friday, did not appear on the Township website until 9:30 am Monday. This made it difficult for citizens concerned about particular topics to know whether they needed to attend.

CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSION: Committee of the Whole began with R. J. Burnside & Associates' Preliminary Water Services Options Report for the Renouf Water System. This report, which is to go to the Ministry of the Environment, concerns the various options available for the troubled water system, with supporting evidence with regard to their feasibility. As the Township's lawyer legal advisor was present to offer opinions about potential lawsuits, it came as no surprise when he recommended that the discussion be held in camera. What was surprising was that this item was not designated as confidential in the agenda as matters involving "Litigation or potential litigation" are habitually held behind closed doors.

A SMOKE-FREE COUNTY OF SIMCOE? Dr. George Pasut, Medical Officer of Health, Simcoe County Health Unit, gave a pursuasive presentation about the need for Simcoe to become Smoke Free. 31% of residents 20 years and older smoke daily, 8% more than the provincial average of 23%. Each year more than 450 individuals die from the effects of smoking and 11 non-smokers die from exposure to second-hand smoke. Dr. Pasut urged the passage of a bylaw to make all public places (including bars, bingo halls, restaurants, bowling alleys and work places) smoke free.

COUNCIL REACTS TO WOODLAND BEACH'S BEACH ACCESS STATEMENT: In the course of a discussion about the deputation given by Rhonda Campbell at the previous meeting of Council, Earl Evans (CAO/Clerk) felt that the enumerated problems concerning maintenance of beach baths, bylaw enforcement, policing, litter, water quality, signage, and parking should be addressed in the future and that they should not get into what was and was not done in the past. It was observed that citizens are expected to let staff know about problems -- about poison ivy that needs spraying, sand that needs to be removed from paths -- and that citizens should call the police when police are needed. It was felt that the list of problems were a sort of laundry list of problems, possibly a wish list. It was observed that there is a price tag attached to services.

Four members of Council had met with the Woodland Beach Property Owners Association for 5 hours on September 1, and there, in reply to the accusation that the Township was not maintaining the beach at Woodland, members of Council reported that they had said that the Township maintains only the part of the beach that it owns -- Woodland Beach Park (and, presumably, the little parks along the shore in Woodland Beach). Council felt that WBPOA thought the whole beach was under discussion and that they had disabused the Association of that notion.

Council said that misunderstandings had been cleared up, that an agreement would be reached after another couple of meetings, that the Beach Access Statement has been withdrawn, that Woodland Beach can't get any more services than anyone else. [WBPOA feels that Council distorted what occurred considerably.]

A SECOND CONFIDENTIAL CLOSED SESSION: This concerned at least four items, two personal matters about identifiable individuals and two concerning litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality.