September 9, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:15 am – 5:57 pm

Evening meeting 7:05 pm - 8:36 pm

All Members of Council present


CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSIONS: 1:50 pm – 2:36 pm and 4:08 pm – 5:56 pm


STAFF APPOINTMENT: Council approved the appointment of Henk Blom as Manager of Public Works.


DISCUSSION OF PETER SIDGWICK and NORM ALEXANDER DEPUTATIONS RE PROBLEMS IN JACKSON PARK AREA: Councillor Buchkowsky recommended re-visiting the whole management plan for Jackson Park, including lighting, marker buoys, signage and presence of an attendant at the lauch ramp at peak periods.

Mayor Klug indicated that the problems at Jackson park highlighted the need for an "initiative for peace and quiet for the shore", addressing by-law issues such as fires and noise as part of an over-all management plan. He said that: "...with this summer behind us, we need to move on to prepare for next summer; and make plans for effective by-law management."


DISCUSSION OF WOODLAND BEACH LCBO AGENCY STORE PROPOSAL: Council discussed the need to be consistent with the approach taken in response to the proposal for an LCBO agency outlet in the Balm Beach area. It was agreed that a representative of the LCBO should be invited to attend a future Council meeting, in order to clarify the process which applies to such proposals.

The Clerk / CAO noted that a resolution currently in force states that Council is opposed to new LCBO outlets in the Township.


DISCUSSION OF DEPUTATION RE THUNDER BEACH ROAD ALLOWANCES: The Clerk / CAO stated that no "bulldozing" of road allowances has been discussed or entertained. He stated that no such action would occur without public process.


POSTING OF UNSAFE BEACHES: Referring to the number of postings of beaches during the 2002 summer season, members of Council discussed the need for expert input from the Ministry of the Environment, Simcoe County Health Unit and Severn Sound Environmental Association. It was agreed that representatives of each of these bodies should be invited to attend a future Committee of the Whole meeting.


WYEVALE FIRE STATION: Councillor Hughes recommended that the input of an outside consultant should be obtained concerning the location and design of the proposed new Wyevale fire station.

                  Fire Chief Sawkins was invited to respond, and stated that "the constant delays [in proceeding with the new fire station] are undermining his position as Fire Chief".

                  Councillor Hughes agreed to withdraw his recommendation, pending review of a staff report on the site selection for the new station.


FLOOD HAZARD SETBACK DISCUSSION: The public portion of the afternoon Committee of the Whole was given over to presentations from Professor David Lambden and from Nick McDonald of Meridian Consultants, concerning the flood hazard setbacks included in a proposed amendment to the County of Simcoe Official Plan. Mr. McDonald made it clear that the governing provincial policy must be reflected in the relevant County and Township planning policies.

                  It was suggested that, because of the great impact which the implementation of the policy could have upon development in the shoreline areas of Tiny, the Province should be approached, to see whether any special assistance might be available. Mr. McDonald suggested that Tiny should think seriously about constituting a conservation authority, perhaps by upgrading the resources and mandate of the Severn Sound Environmental Association.


SENIORS' INFORMATION DAY: George Lawrence presented details concerning Seniors' Information Day. Some 20 Services are to make presentations, including Community Care Access, CNIB, Good Neighbours, Medic Alert, St. John Ambulance, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Free hearing tests are to be avilable and a complimentary lunch offered. The event is to be hosted by Garfield Dunlop, MPP for Simcoe North, at the Best Western Highland Inn, on October 18, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Anyone needing information should call 527-4472 or 361-2456.





September 23, 2002

Special meeting of Council 9:10 am – 9:21 pm

All Members of Council present


At Committee of the Whole on September 9, it was announced that there would be a Special Meeting of Council on September 19 to award the contract for the rebuilding of Bridge P3 on the Tiny Trail over the Wye River and to pass some "housekeeping" bylaws with regard to selling four blocks of land that were park dedications. This meeting was delayed until September 23. A report in the Free Press said that no tenders for work on Bridge P3 had been received.)

                  At the meeting, Council authorized the sale of various properties.