August 26, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:10 am – 5:22 pm

Evening Meeting of Council: 7:26 pm – 9:12 pm

All Members of Council present except Councillor Maurice





DOUG MOLES / NOTTAWAGA BEACH ASSOCIATION: On behalf of The Nottawaga Beach Association, Doug Moles, the President of that Association, accepted the invitation of Council to meet again with Council and the Provincially-appointed Mediators, Paul Torrie and James McKenzie, to work towards co-operative solutions on beach management issues on a neighbourhood basis.

Mr. Moles also expressed concern that Gail Barrie's August 12 deputation for the "Save the Beaches" organization gave a misleading impression as to Nottawaga's reason for hiring a security service earlier in the summer. It had nothing to do with "elderly couples on the beach in the evening", nor with the ownership of the beach, as she must have known, since the advance warning of unlawful behaviour which led to the hiring of a security service, was reported to the O.P.P. by a prominent member of Ms. Barrie's own organization.


PETER SIDGWICK / JACKSON PARK / PERSONAL WATERCRAFT NUISANCE ISSUES: Peter Sidgwick, a resident in the Jackson Park area, informed Council of the noise nuisance from inappropriate operation of personal watercraft in that area. He asked Council to consider possible ways of controlling or reducing the noise nuisance, asking why "so many people should be affected by so few making so much noise".

Councillor Buchkowsky reported concerning the status of the Township's application to extend the shoreline speed limit zone (under the Canada Shipping Act) from 30 to 200 meters offshore. He indicated that the application is still making slow progress, and that the Small Watercraft Committee is "aiming for next season" (i.e. 2003) for implementation.


ANIL GULATI / LCBO AGENCY STORE / WOODLAND BEACH: Anil Gulati, owner of the Woodland Beach General Store, asked Council's support for an LCBO agency outlet in his store. He presented a petition of Woodland Beach residents supporting such an agency outlet.



DISCUSSION RE GAIL BARRIE / SAVE THE BEACHES INC. AUGUST 12 DEPUTATION: The Clerk / CAO read a statement from Paul Torrie, the Provincially-appointed Mediator, refuting Gail Barrie's allegation that Mr. Torrie had somehow improperly obtained from Township staff an advance copy of Ms. Barrie's August 12 deputation. Mr. Torrie's statement clarified that the only information he had received concerning Ms. Barrie's deputation came to him from Ms. Barrie herself.

                  Council then refuted Ms. Barrie's allegation that the $5 annual permit parking fee amounts to a "tax grab" aimed at inland residents. It was noted that all parking permit revenues are allocated for beach maintenance and by-law staff.


DISCUSSION RE DAVID LAMBDEN LAND IDENTIFICATION PROJECT: Commenting on the ongoing project to identify Township-owned lands being carried out by Professor David Lambden, Councillor Buchkowsky expressed frustration with the time and expense involved in the project, recommending that the project needs to be "wrapped up" and passed on to Township staff. He suggested that a target date should be set for completion. Councillor Hughes reminded Council that the reason for initiating the project in the first place was to identify Township-owned lands along the shoreline.

The Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk is to contact David Lambden, Township Surveyor to arrange a reporting date.




UNASSUMED ROADS AGREEMENTS FOR WHICH THE TOWNSHIP LACKS UNASSUMED ROADS AGREEMENTS: It was noted that all properties on private roads will receive an "H" designation (restricting the availability of building permits) until such time as an Unassumed Roads Agreement is entered into with the Township.


STAFF RESIGNATION: It was announced that Darren Vella of the Planning Department would be leaving as of August 30, to assume a position with Springwater Township.


NEW MUNICIPAL ACT: Mayor Klug referred to the coming into force of a new Municipal Act on January 1, 2003, and discussed some of the requirements of the new Act, such as "transparency of process" in municipal administration.





THUNDER BEACH RATEPAYERS: A Thunder Beach Ratepayers Group (representing some 35 properties) voiced concerns about the lack of public disclosure around the issue of rumoured bull-dozing/clearing of three 66' road allowances at Thunder Beach. The Ratepayers asked for openness and public input on these issues. Members of Council indicated that they were not acquainted with any basis for such rumours.

                  The Ratepayers also raised environmental concerns about bull-dozing/clearing, and drew Council's attention to the fact that, in the Township's Official Plan, small park areas like road allowances are intended to be used on a low intensity basis by Township residents.


NORM ALEXANDER / JACKSON PARK: Norm Alexander described the present situation at Jackson Park as "anarchy", citing problems with fires, alcohol and noise.



SEWAGE SYSTEM PROGRAMS / REPORT: A report dated August 21, 2002 was received from Darren Vella, clarifying certain aspects of the "(H)" designation and the sewage system re-inspection programme.

                  Councillor Buchkowsky stated that only about 1,584 properties (out of a total 8,000 formerly zoned "Seasonal Residential") were likely to be affected by the "(H)" holding designation (i.e. those systems which predate 1974).

                  Mr. Vella's report had been prepared in response to queries presented in a prior deputation by Judith Grant, President of the Federation.


COMMUNITY SAFETY ZONE AND RADAR SPEED CONTROL IN WYEVALE: In response to a deputation given earlier in the day by Janet Bressette, Wyevale Crossing guard, Council directed that the Township investigate the process for designating a "Community Safety Zone" (increased fines) on the 5th Concession and on County Road 6 in the village of Wyevale, and that a request be made to the Ontario Provincial Police to provide radar speed control in Wyevale, before and after school hours, and on an intermittent basis.