August 11, 2003
Committee of the Whole: 9:05 a.m. - 6:21 p.m.
Evening meeting: 7:05 p.m. – 7:39 p.m.
All Members of Council present

CONFIDENTIAL / CLOSED SESSION: 4:42 p.m. – 6:20 p.m.

DISCUSSION RE DYNAMIC BEACH ISSUE AND NOTTAWAGA VALLEY CONSERVATION AUTHORITY: If a beach is dynamic – i.e. it shifts and changes – then, according to Provincial guidelines, the setback which would keep new dwellings safe from flooding and wave up rush is 45 metres inland from the 178 metre level (right now Georgian Bay is about 176 metres above sea level). A municipality can establish different guidelines by taking local conditions and history into account. Council has known about the provincial guidelines since last summer, but is only now recognizing that they must at least appear to be doing something for their shoreline residents. So there was talk of how to use the Nottawaga Valley Conservation Authority without incurring the expense of becoming a member; talk of getting advice from the Severn Sound Environmental Association; talk of consulting with the County of Simcoe as its Official Plan dominates that of Tiny Township; talk of consulting with the Province to find out what arrangements might be acceptable; talk of consulting with Nick McDonald of Meridian Planning Consultants (the planner who prepared the Draft Zoning By-Law) about how other Townships have coped with the issue of dynamic beaches; talk which implied that setting the 178 metre line for the entire Township might be very expensive (but seemingly no thought of finding out exactly how expensive).

CORRESPONDENCE RE USE OF BEACHES BY DAYTRIPPERS: Several pieces of correspondence were under discussion – one from a long time waterfront resident of Cawaja about the increasingly heavy use of the shore in his area, another from a backlot cottager in another area similarly concerned about day tripper use of the nearby beach, and a third from a day tripper who had been directed by a By-Law Officer to the 8th Concession and who had been ticketed there.

Frank Hughes observed that day trippers should be directed to the major parks, not to concession ends where they inevitably ended up on private property, and that even backlot cottagers were complaining about day trippers.

The Mayor said that parking was the key and that the Cawaja resident should be reminded that the Township was working with that beach and that much has changed in the 70 years since he first became a cottager.

Councillor Bob Buchkowsky said that parking in the area of Cawaja would be more restricted now that the beach association was meeting with the Township.

Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury said he is against any advertising of major parks as they are already heavily used.

WYEVALE FIRE HALL: The low bid was $527,004 plus GST (and the high close to $700,000 plus GST). Staff was asked to see if the figure could be reduced by 10%.