July 28, 2003
Committee of the Whole: 9:00 a.m. - ?:?? p.m.
Evening meeting: 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m
All Members of Council present


WORK AT 9TH CONCESSION END: Council discussed correspondence from an area resident concerned about proposed work at the 9th Concession end. Mayor Klug stated that there was no intention to widen the access point at the concession end, just to mark its existence and to install boulders to prevent motorized vehicle access, with natural growth to be left as is. Specific reference was made to a rumour that Sand Road might be opened as a loop to the Tiny Beaches Road South. It was stated that nothing of this sort is intended.

INDEMNIFICATION OF MUNICIPAL OFFICERS: Council approved an indemnification of current and former Council members and municipal employees acting within the scope of their duties, noting that similar measures had recently been introduced in Orillia and Penetanguishene. (This is an attempt to secure Council against future liability.) Recent downloading of certain responsibilities (particularly with respect to water quality) to the municipal level was noted as a key factor in the move to provide the indemnification.

PERKINSFIELD SUBDIVISION APPROVAL: Approval was given to a new subdivision of 20 building lots in Perkinsfield -- an increase from the original proposal for 12 lots. It was noted that the additional lots were created due to the elimination of a park area which was part of the original proposal: the Township being of the view that Perkinsfield was already served with adequate park facilities. There was discussion of the effect of the new development on water supply in the hamlet. It was reported that the Public Works Department had advised that water supply was sufficient for the new development. We hope that there is indeed sufficient water. We recall earlier applications for expansion of this subdivision being turned down on the ground that there was not enough water for the additional households.

MAURICE POINT: Council received a letter from a lawyer acting for the owner of a property purchased from the Township at Maurice Point, proposing that the Township refund $150,000 of the purchase price for the property, while leaving the property in the hands of the current owner. The basis for the refund request was the possibility that the owner may not be able to build on the property due to zoning restrictions. It was indicated that the Township's position is that the property was sold "as is", without any representations that it would be possible to build. The matter was referred to the Township's lawyer for advice.

UPDATE RE JULY 26 PUBLIC MEETING ON PROPOSED ZONING BY-LAW: Roger Robitaille, the Manager of Planning, provided a report on the public meeting on the proposed new Zoning By-Law which was held at the Township offices on Saturday, July 26. He reported that the meeting was "well attended". He indicated that major concerns expressed by attendees had focused on the issue of flood setbacks and the EP2 designation of shoreline areas. It was noted that a public hearing in connection with the proposed new by-law is scheduled for September 13. Council is to discuss input from the July 26 meeting on August 7. Mr. Robitaille suggested that, due to overcrowding in the Council chambers for the July 26 meeting, the next public meeting to discuss the issue should be moved to a larger venue: perhaps the Wyebridge Community Centre or a school auditorium.

PETITION FOR SIGNS: Council discussed a petition presented by Dorene Trunk, signed by 28 waterfront property owners, the first 8 to the north, and the first 20 to the south of the 8th Concession Road, requesting the Township to install signs designating the extent of the Township-owned beach area. Mayor Klug indicated that Council would need to discuss the request first, then meet with area property owners. Council decided to discuss the matter in camera.

DEPUTATION BY NOTTAWASAGA VALLEY CONSERVATION AUTHORITY: Three representatives of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority ("NVCA") made a presentation to Council concerning the services offered by the NVCA to member municipalities, and in particular, assistance which the NCVA might be able to provide to Tiny in connection with the "dynamic beaches / flood setback" issue for purposes of the proposed new zoning by-law.
The NVCA was established in 1960, with statutory powers under the Ontario Conservation Authorities Act. It currently has 18 member municipalities. Oro-Medonte is the most recent member to join the NVCA. The principal responsibility of the NVCA is groundwater and surface water management for the watershed flowing into Nottawasaga Bay. It has expertise in the area of floodplain management. It does not have experience with dynamic beaches.
The NVCA was asked to provide an estimate of the annual cost for Tiny to become a member of the NVCA. A "ballpark" estimate of $6 per annum per resident was suggested, which would produce an annual cost in excess of $100,000 for Tiny.
It was noted that the NVCA could also provide expert services on a consulting basis to a non-member municipality, and that this might be an option for Tiny to consider, at least initially, before deciding whether there would be sufficient benefit to warrant joining the NVCA as a member. Special projects for which the Township might consider engaging the NVCA would include the "dynamic beaches / flood setback" issue and the issue of e-coli contamination of Township streams and swimming areas.
The NVCA representatives indicated that the NVCA could work with the Severn Sound Environmental Association ("SSEA") to avoid overlap and duplication with work already carried out by the SSEA.
It was noted that the NVCA has the statutory authority to make approvals required by provincial regulations for issuance of building permits where floodplain control is an issue.
An invitation was extended to members of Council (or any member of the public) to attend a NVCA meeting and the NVCA offices.

OBJECTION TO ATV / DIRT BIKE TRAILS IN DORION ROAD AREA: Jeanne McIsaac presented a deputation objecting to a private proposal for ATV / dirt bike trails in the Dorion Road area.

MEDIATION: It was noted that Council had received a letter from the Mediators, Paul Torrie and James McKenzie, which would be discussed in camera. Council has yet to formally take a position as to whether it supports the "legal ceasefire" proposal set out in the Mediators' Fall 2002 interim report.

FARLAIN LAKE WATER TESTING: Farlain Lake residents had expressed concern to Council over an incident on July 23 when 21 Canada geese were found dead at the lake. The dead geese had been tested by the Simcoe County District Health Unit, which reported the cause of death as a form of botulism which is specific to birds and not a threat to human health.
However, to allay concerns, it was suggested that the Township would defray the cost of one-time water testing to determine if there are any safety issues with water quality in the lake.

REPEAL OF BY-LAW FOR PURCHASE OF BRIDGE: Council recently passed a by-law providing for the acquisition from the Town of Penetanguishene of one-half of a bridge on the Tiny Trails system, in order for Tiny to have full title to the bridge. On further review, it was discovered that Tiny already fully owned the bridge in question. Accordingly, the by-law to acquire Penetanguishene's supposed one-half interest was repealed, as unnecessary.