July 14, 2003
Committee of the Whole roughly 9:10 am – 5:56
Evening Meeting 7:09 pm – 8:31 pm
All members of Council present.


FULL-TIME STAFF APPOINTMENT: Dennis Maurice was appointed Fire Prevention Officer from a field of 22 applicants.

SIGNAGE ALONG THE SHORE: Council designated 23 access points along the western shore where signs are to be posted. They read: "Welcome to the Township of Tiny. Please enjoy our municipal beaches and help keep them clean" and include 4 symbols forbidding motorized vehicles, open fires, littering, and camping and 1 permitting dogs on leashes and reminding visitors to stoop and scoop dog dirt. As there is no indication of the extent of the municipally owned beach on these signs, they could create the impression that beaches accessed from these points are in municipal ownership.
The extent of municipal ownership has been defined at only two entry points, namely the 12th and 13th Concession allowances, where signs have been posted showing township-owned beach areas marked in green.
Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury said that beach associations interested in signs like the ones at the 12th and 13th must do what Nottawaga did: they must meet with Council and the Mediators and discuss beach management issues. We checked with Nottawaga’s President, for clarification, who advised that Nottawaga has had “good and productive discussions with Council and the Mediators, on matters of mutual concern to the Township and Nottawaga as adjoining property owners, each independently managing their own, respective shoreline properties.”
If signs are posted with no indication of the limits of municipally owned property, then property owners (beach associations and the many individual beach property owners) may well be forced to delineate those limits themselves. It would be much less inflammatory if the Township were to define the boundaries of its property.
For the sign locations click HERE.

POSTING AT THE 13TH CONCESSION: On Saturday July 12th, a sign was posted at the 13th to the effect that the water there was unsafe for bathing. Apparently all five samples taken by the Health Unit in the area on the previous Monday were above 100 E. coli per 100 ml. of water – the actual readings ranging from 110 to 370 with a geometric mean of 179.8. (Beaches are usually posted when the geometric mean of samples is above 100.)
Staff is to investigate
- why results from Monday's testing were not forwarded by the Health Unit to the Township until Friday,
- why there was no recommendation to post,
- whether the beach was retested on Wednesday, and
- why the Township received no results from retesting.

WYEVALE FIRE HALL TO BE TENDERED: The Fire Chief said that the cost of the new fire hall would not be more than the cost of the Lafontaine Fire Hall.

REPORT RE JULY 1 LONG WEEKEND: Shawn Crawford, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, reported that 225 parking tickets were issued on the long weekend, the majority of them at Concession 13 West, Balm, Stott Park (ie the 8th Concession), and Waterview. It was a relatively quiet weekend from the point of view of By-Law enforcement.

COMPLAINTS ABOUT PERSONAL WATERCRAFT IN JACKSON PARK AREA: On the long weekend, the noise of personal watercraft made life unpleasant for nearby residents. Personal watercraft were also a danger to swimmers. Unfortunately the much discussed citizen boat patrol has not been put in place because of liability insurance issues, and the application for an extension of the 10 km speed limit from 30 to 200 metres from shore was denied in November. As Council's representative on the Small Watercraft Committee, Councillor Bob Buchkowsky reported that that group is trying to figure out how to make an effective approach to the relevant authorities. (Why the long delay?)
On Saturday July 12, buoys were installed to direct boats away from swimmers. Councillor Buchkowsky stated that these buoys were not put in place by the Township. (Why not? They are important for the safety of swimmers.)

EXPENSIVE TENDER FOR BRIDGE REPAIRS ON THE TINY TRAILS: There was only one tender for repairs to Trail bridges, and it was for $2,283,854.76, a million more than anticipated (the SuperBuild program has promised to fund 2/3 of $l.2 million). If no more money is forthcoming from upper levels of government (and an application is to be made for more SuperBuild support), serious questions should be asked about this project. Do the citizens of Tiny want an additional million to be taken from the Parkland Trust Reserve Fund for bridge repairs?

PAY EQUITY TO COST MORE THAN $300,000: Apparently Tiny should have had a pay equity plan in place as long ago as 1990 (equal pay for women for work of equal value to that done by men), and is only now dealing with the matter. The money is to come from the Capital Expenditure Reserves.

Sign Locations:

1. Lawson Road at the Woodland Beach Boat Ramp.
2. Lawson Road at the west side of the parking area (access to park).
3. Siesta Drive on the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
4. Laurel Avenue at the west side of Balmoral Avenue.
5. Concession 4 West at the access to the beach at the end of the pavement.
6. Trew Avenue at the end of the Road / access to the beach
7. Trew Avenue at the Tiny Beaches Road South walkway access to the beach.
8. Nicole at the walkway by the Bluewater pump house.
9. Concession 5 West at the walkway from Tiny Beaches Road South.
10. Durie Lane at the walkway on the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
11. Dunsford Lane at the trail on the north side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
12. Concession 7 West at the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
13. Concession 8 at the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
14. Jackson Park at the entrance to the parking lot (end of the fence).
15. Concession 9 at the walkway on the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South.
16. Balm Beach – 3 signs.
17. Concession 11 at the west end of the paved access to the beach.
18. Concession 12 West at the end of the travelled road access to the beach.
19. Concession 13 West at the end of the travelled road access to the beach.
20. Concession 13 West at the park on the side of the access road (in parking lot).
21. Concession 14 West at end of road, walkway to the beach. (This sign will not be posted.)
22. Concession 16 at the boundary of the park.
23. Tiny Beaches Road North at the west side entrance opposite Jules Leger.