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July 9, 2001
Committee of the Whole 10:15 am to 5:37; Council 7:07 to 8:15 pm
Present: Mayor Robert Klug, Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, Councillors Bob Buchkowsky (arrived 10:40 am), Frank Hughes, Pierre Paul Maurice

SHORELINE PARKING PARAMETERS – “Parking Parameters” were established as part of the Shoreline Parking Advisory Committee’s Report. Of particular interest are (and these are directly quoted from the Report):

“(b) Density Factor
- “That the high-density formula be applied at the Concession Road allowances and the medium density to all other roads” Carried 7-1 (PA 16/01)
- This density will be applied to the MUNICIPALLY OWNED useable beach area (per The Planning Partnership calculations)
- High Density = 100 sq. ft. per person … Medium Density = 250 sq. ft. per person
- In many areas the parking capability will be a limiting factor in achieving the number of parking spaces derived from the calculation

(c) Parking Space Allocation
- “That 75% of parking spaces be allocated to permit parking and 25% for open parking when there are more than 10 spaces” (PA 17/01)
- This is TINY residents FIRST philosophy
- There are already a few areas where open parking is allowed beyond the designated permit parking zone
- Open parking is available on a first come—first served basis and is available for Tiny residents, their guests, renters, and those from outside Tiny”

Note that the open parking beyond the designated areas renders the density calculation meaningless. Note too that high density parking raises the number of users well above high density because of walk on and drop off use. Council justifies this by saying that it expects people not to stay on the municipally owned land, but to spread onto land the Township does not own.

In the discussion about the Committee’s report, Councillor Bob Buchkowsky, chair of the Committee, said that the Committee considered only the Concession ends, not paths. Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury emphasized that paths are parking points.

Council approved permit parking on one side of Huronia Court and the removal of two “No Parking” signs on Farrell Lane.

BATTLE OF GEORGIAN BAY 2001: David Brunelle, Chair, Battle of Georgian Bay, brought Council up to date on arrangements for the Balm Beach part of this event on the evening of August 23 and requested that the Township establish the necessary road detours, provide parking, and suspend the noise by-law. The tall ships will not appear at Balm. Some 30,000 people are expected to attend over the 4 days of the event at Balm Beach, in Penetang and in Midland. For details, see

LAFONTAINE PARKS AND RECREATION RECEIVES FUNDING: By motion #514/01, carried 5-0, it was decided
“That Council support, in principle, the allocation of $50,000 from the Parkland Trust Reserve, to fund the addition to the Robert Robitaille Pavilion and management to discuss terms of other financial assistance that may be required to complete the project with Lafontaine Parks and Recreation.”
(To this point, $120,000 had been raised, $25,000 of which came from the Township.)

HOLDING PROVISION: The intention of this provision is to ensure that septic systems in the shore area are functioning properly. The full details about its imposition on 5,000 shore area properties are in a report by the Planning Partnership available on the Township website under “Holding Provision Application and Process.”

There was a lightly attended public meeting on this matter on June 16. In the week following this Council Meeting, notices were to have been placed in local papers about the Holding Provision inviting submissions to Nick Macdonald of The Planning Partnership as final wording was worked out. The final draft was to have been presented to Council on August 13. There were no notices, and no final draft. There is to be a direct mailing to all affected properties this fall, in place of an additional public meeting. We hope that this promise is fulfilled.

There is to be a grace period when an owner may produce a "Use Permit/Certificate of Approval" for his property/system and avert the imposition of the Holding Provision on his property.

If a Use Permit cannot be found, or changes to the lot or building have occurred since the permit was issued, or a property has an area of less than 10,000 square feet, or there is a dug well on the property, then an inspection is required ($75 plus GST).

If the septic system proves to be adequate, then the Holding provision would not be applied; if it is functioning adequately but is under sized or not set back adequately, then the Holding provision would be applied and no expansions or renovations allowed until the septic system is upgraded. If the system is not functioning properly, then an order may be issued that it be brought up to current standards.

This Holding provision does not apply to properties which have converted from Seasonal Residential to Residential Conversion nor does it apply to vacant lots.

SIMCOE COUNTY RESTRUCTURING: The planned reduction in the number of representatives from the 16 municipalities of the County from 32 to 16 has been delayed and will be introduced concurrent with the next election.

IN CAMERA SESSION: This lasted from 2:35 pm to 5.