June 30, 2003
Committee of the Whole roughly 9:10 am – 5:04 pm
Evening Meeting 7:07 pm – 9:13 pm
All members of Council present.


DEPUTATION ASKING FOR ATV TRAILS IN TINY: Andre Laurin, keen user of ATVs, would like the Township to create trails linking Tiny with bordering jurisdictions and providing links to the Tiny Trails within the Township.

TINY COTTAGER ARTICLE ON MUNICIPAL TAX INCREASE: Council – particularly Councillor Bob Buchkowsky -- did not like the article on the tax increases imposed by this Council in its 3 years in office. Nonetheless, the treasurer agrees that the figures in the article are all correct. [Tiny's share of municipal taxes has indeed risen by 38.8 % in the period since this Council took office]. Council intends to gets its side of the story out in a large advertisement in the Midland Free Press and in The Tiny Dispatch and on the Township website.

WYEVALE FIRE HALL SPECIFICATIONS: The Wyevale Fire Hall is to house 3 fire trucks in bays more generously sized than those in the new Lafontaine Fire Hall. There is to be no second floor, but the square footage – 6655 sq ft – is actually greater than that in the Fire Hall in Lafontaine (5,700 sq ft). In addition to the bays for the trucks, there will be 3 offices, a large room for training, a fitness training room, 2 washrooms, and a uniform and equipment storage room. Once a contractor has been selected, it will take 20 weeks to build.

PURCHASE OF HALF A BRIDGE: In the last Report on Council, the Tiny Cottager asked why Tiny had purchased Penetang's half of a trail bridge for $1 without making an effort to recover half the costs of repairs. We noted that one motivation was that full ownership was required if Tiny’s SuperBuild funds were to be used for 2/3 of the cost of repairs. Our concern was with the 1/3 which is to be funded out of Tiny's Parkland Reserve.
At this meeting, it was explained that, were the 1/3 to be shared, then some reckoning of the value of the 1/2 bridge would have had to be reached, and that Tiny might have been financially further behind had it paid for Penetang’s half of the bridge. We still think Penetang got a good deal – it got out of repairing a bridge, trail users from its end get a repaired bridge free. How much is a disused, unsafe, in-need-of-repair bridge worth?

DOGS TO BE KEPT OFF PUBLIC BEACH AT BALM: Following a request by the volunteer Balm Beach Improvement Committee, Council passed a by-law to the effect that dogs are not allowed on the beach at Balm from June to September.

WEST NILE UPDATE: At the time Council met (and here we report the figures on the Simcoe County District Health Unit's website), 44 dead crows had been found in Simcoe County. Two (one in Collingwood, one in Springwater) had tested positive; 27 had tested negative; and test results were pending on 15. At Council, it was reported that one mosquito pool was known to be infected in York Region.

DISCUSSION OF DEPUTATION BY ELAINE STEPHENSON RE PAVING OF WOODLAND BEACH PARK: Council decided that there was no need to have a master plan for the Woodland Beach park before paving it with tar and chip, as this, in their view, represented housekeeping rather than a serious change. Paving and the painting of lines would allow cars to be parked in an organized fashion and it would reduce the dust. It was said that the surface was environmentally safe, but it was not clear what that meant. Safe for use on roads? Or safe for use in areas near swimming water?