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JUNE 25, 2001
Committee of the Whole 9:20 am-6:21 pm
Present: Mayor Bob Klug, Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, Councillors Bob Buchkowsky (arrived at 10:30 am), Frank Hughes (arrived at 1:00 pm), Pierre-Paul Maurice (left at 5:45 pm).
Council began at 7 pm
Councillor Pierre-Paul Maurice absent.

SHORELINE WATER TESTING PROGRAM: Council passed a motion 3-1 (Councillor Frank Hughes in opposition) to provide matching funds up to $3000 in support of the Shoreline Water Testing Program.

TREASURER'S 7-YEAR BUDGET COMPARISON: Since 1995, provincial grants have gone from $1,800,000 to $40,000 per year while federal grants have gone from $311,000 to $11,000 per year. All grants will end next year. Reserves have not been built up to offset this loss in grants, neither by the last two Councils nor by the current Council. As a result, current year taxes are being used to maintain infrastructure. (Interestingly, this year when there was so little grant money, Council increased its capital spending by more than half a million.)

SMALL WATER CRAFT COMMITTEE: Donald D'Aoust reported that this committee has asked Bombardier to donate a watercraft to be used to patrol the shoreline and advise individuals as to the rules and regulations concerning safe watercraft operations. He asked for funds to offset the cost of gasoline for this craft. The CAO/Clerk is to look into insurance coverage for collision and liability. The committee is also applying to the Ministry of Natural Resources to have the 10 km/hr speed limit extended from 30 metres offshore to 200 metres offshore all along the shoreline of Tiny Township. (The earlier committee also wanted this change and wrote the necessary letters. It is not clear what happened to these letters.)

WENDAKE PATHS: The by-laws by which the Township assumed one of these and part of a second, and by which it declared the balance of the second path (which is not used) and a third (also not used) surplus, are complex. These by-laws concern dedications made by the developer Milt Trace on Registered Plan 1049 (Wendake Beach) in 1947 which were not accepted and not registered by the Council of the day, but which are now, after 54 years, being dealt with. Property owners in Wendake should consider the series of by-laws from 01-072 to 01-077 together with the relevant map and make sure that they are in agreement with what has been done.

Two other paths from Tiny Beaches Road South to the water's edge were set aside by the developer to give beach access to non-waterfront lots in the subdivision, but, according to David Lambden, the township's surveyor, ONLY those in the subdivision, NOT the general public. Bob Buchkowsky protested this interpretation. Council then, abruptly, went into session in camera. (No by-law came forward concerning these two paths during the regular meeting of Council in the evening.)

IN CAMERA SESSION: 2:45-5:31 about two undefined matters.

Apparently, in 1937 Wilbur John Trew, developer of Plan 813 (Bluewater Beach), dedicated to the Township a footpath and two strips of land--namely the road now known as Tiny Beaches Road South and a strip of beach approximately 20' wide on the water side of lots 1-33. The Council of the day neither accepted nor registered the dedications. The current Council belatedly accepted Trew's dedications by passing by-law 01-085 on a vote of 4-0.

In the discussion of the matter, Gordon Salisbury stated that the assumption of the strip of land in front of the cottages would allow Council also to assume ownership over the beach between the strip and the water's edge. Frank Hughes stated that no encroachments on the 20' beach strip (boathouses, walks, etc.) would be recognized because the strip was called a "highway."

In question time, the Mayor stated that the intention was to accept the strip as a highway and later to pass by-laws converting it into a municipally owned beach property.

Councillors stated that the legal opinion and David Lambden's report which are the basis for the move at Bluewater are confidential and may not be consulted by the public.