June 24, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:15 am 6:01 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7:20 pm to 10:21 pm

All members of Council present. 




MUNICIPAL LAND STUDIES PROJECT: David Lambden, the surveyor and boundary expert, was hired to ascertain the extent of Municipal ownership along the western shore.  His work has cost the taxpayers of Tiny a great deal of money:


In 1999 -    $  66,548.39

In 2000 -    $147,611.63

In 2001 -    $168,923.33

In 2002 -    $135,000.00 (estimated)

Total -        $518,083.35


During the last Council's tenure, Lambden submitted a long report laying out the problems that have resulted from sloppy record keeping over the last century concerning lands owned by the municipality.  He has dealt with more specific issues since then a strip in front of cottages on Plan 813 at Bluewater Beach, the shared ownership at Cawaja but his reports have not been made public.  Why not?  Tiny's taxpayers should be able to see what they are paying for.


BEACH PARKS:  Council has spent much time considering parking issues at Concession ends.  See the last Council Update.  They have dealt with some issues arising from public use of the shore parks policing, ticketing, by-law and the like.  But one thing they have not done is to make the 66' road allowances into proper parks where people might sit and enjoy themselves.  In some areas bushes need to be cleared.  In others, the beach needs to be raked, and accumulated garbage cleared.  In a few, ditches or culverts drain onto the shore and turn the road allowance end into stream beds.  Nowhere have the limits of Township ownership been marked.  This is in sharp contrast to the way inland parks are managed.  There much money is spent on the maintenance of grounds lawn cutting and the like and the limits of the park are clear.  

         When a deputation was made about the Township's failure to do any routine maintenance at the 8th Concession raking, garbage and sludge cleanup and the like it was actually suggested that adjacent landowners should do it.



1) Council does not like the spaced posts that have been installed at either end of the beach between the 13th and the 12th Concession Roads.  They have asked the Mediator to intervene.  (The posts are on private land, they are spaced 3 feet apart, and are meant to deter ATVs.  The signs at each end of that beach read "Nottawaga Beach: Privately Owned: No Motorized Vehicles.")

         2) Council has received legal advice that it is in the position of "Tenants in Common" with the Cawaja Property Owners Association with regard to ownership of the Cawaja beach.  Council has asked that signs erected by the beach association be removed and has said that that if the Cawaja association does not remove the signs itself, the Township will remove them.  (The Cawaja Beach Association is 2/3 owner, and the Township 1/3 owner.)

         Council does not agree with certain points in the article that appeared in The Tiny Cottager concerning taxation.  They have asked that a three-page retraction be published on the tinycottager website and in the fall issue of the Cottager.  (Our position is that, if there are factual errors, we will, of course, correct them.  We have asked the author to double-check all disputed figures and to check with the Township's treasurer.  Once these things have been done, we will respond appropriately.)