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June 11, 2001
Committee of the Whole began shortly after 9am; Council began at 7 pm
Present: Mayor Bob Klug, Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, Councillors Bob Buchkowsky and Pierre-Paul Maurice. Present for the afternoon and evening: Councillor Frank Hughes

IN CAMERA SESSION: This lasted for an hour and concerned "A proposed or pending acquisition of land for municipal purposes" and "Litigation or potential litigation, including administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality." The Township's consulting planner, Nick McDonald of The Planning Partnership, was present.

PRESENTATION TO RETIRING WORKS STAFF: Andy Dubeau, Remi Maurice, and Boyd Leonard, who together worked for the Township for 60 years, were given Certificates of Thanks and gift certificates.

BAY AND LAKE WATER TESTING PROGRAM: Ted Devine of the Simcoe County Health Unit in Barrie was present to answer questions about this summer's Water Testing Program. He explained the Health Unit's mandate, said that the Health Unit would be monitoring 9 or 10 public access points rather than its usual 6 (it used to monitor 12-14). He observed that sampling would be done weekly rather than biweekly and that this is the norm. It was biweekly last summer only because of the pressure placed on the government laboratory by well water testing in the wake of Walkerton. The Simcoe County Health Unit begins its Bay water testing next week. The monitoring of the balance of Tiny's Bay and Lake water this year by shore area volunteers will follow the protocol used by the Health Unit. He said that the proposed monitoring of creeks and ditches would supply useful data, since E. coli counts are typically elevated in storm water runoff and the Health Unit's data is not extensive enough to be useful. Possible sources of contamination were deficient septic systems and agricultural run-off. Once contamination was discovered, remediation could be attempted.

In the evening, John Neil made a deputation updating Council about the Bay and Lake water testing program. He responded to the various points raised in the senior management report which had recommended that Council not support the project, and once again asked for financial support--this time for matching funds up to $3,000. In the course of his presentation, he mentioned that the last position he held with the Ministry of the Environment was as director of water resources for the province. This put him in charge of international Great Lakes work and stream monitoring, so that he is "not unfamiliar with a survey of this type."

SHORELINE PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Vernon Owen of Bluewater Georgina Wendake Beaches gave the report. Apparently the committee intends to revisit the various small parks and concession ends along the shore during the summer, and expects to make specific recommendations possibly about 3/4 of the sites toward the end of the summer. He said that the Committee had adopted guidelines. He did not mention that the Committee had passed a motion to increase density. There were no Council motions related to parking.

In the evening, in question period, it was discovered that the Committee is to meet on June 18 at 7 pm in the Council Chambers, 130 Balm Beach Road.

Patricia O'Driscoll addressed the issue of Council's powers over private property. For the full text of her deputation, click here(pdf file - 150k).

HOLDING PROVISION APPLICATION AND PROCESS: Nick McDonald of The Planning Partnership and Bill Goodale and Rex Meadley of C.C. Tatham & Associates were on hand to present and answer questions about the proposed Holding Provision for 5,000 shore area properties currently zoned "Seasonal."

The intention of the Holding provision is to ensure that septic systems in the shore area are functioning properly. The full details about its imposition are in a report by The Planning Partnership available on the township website under "Holding Provision Application and Process."

There is to be a long grace period before the Holding provision is applied. During this period an owner may produce a "Use Permit/Certificate of Approval" for his property/system which is already in hand (or which C.C. Tatham & Associations may be asked to do a record search for at a fee of $30 plus GST). However:

If a Use Permit cannot be found, or changes to the lot or building have occurred since the permit was issued, or a property has an area of less than 10,000 square feet, or there is a dug well on the property, then an inspection is required ($75 plus GST).

If the septic system proves to be adequate, then the Holding provision would be lifted; if it is functioning adequately but is under sized or not set back adequately, then the Holding provision remains and no expansions or renovations will be allowed until the septic system is upgraded. If the system is not functioning properly, then an order may be issued that the system be brought up to current standards.

This Holding provision does not apply to properties which have converted from Seasonal Residential to Residential Conversion (the fee for this currently is $200.00 plus $168.45 for the engineering assessment by C.C. Tatham & Associates) nor does it apply to vacant lots.