May 27, 2002

Committee of the Whole 10:00 am 6:11 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7:03 pm 7:50 pm

All Members of Council Present




STAFF DEPARTURES: Gerry Ryan, Tinys Chief Building Official has resigned.


ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE: Staff Sergeant Greg Skinner presented a report about the OPPs estimates for the coming year.  Essentially they are based on worst case possibilities. As a result the Township ends up paying a grossly inflated figure at the beginning of each calendar year and a year later receives a large rebate.  The returned money is NOT put into a reserve fund against future police expenses.  And the OPP does NOT pay any interest on the money.

The new OPP headquarters on Highway 12 is supposed to be ready in June. 


SITE 41 (The County Landfill on Concession 2 E): Two problems here.  One concerns whether the County is assuming responsibility for enough of the roads that will be impacted once heavy trucks begin to bring material to the site (and this is going to be raised with the County).  The other concerns the Tiny Trails bridge near the site.  The Trails Committee is worried about safety if the trail bridge over Concession 2 is removed (as had been recommended) and users of the trail cross at grade in the path of heavy trucks.


TINY TRAILS: There have been communication problems between the Tiny Trails Committee and Public Works.  A couple of times Public Works has made moves without waiting for or seeking input from the Committee.  It was decided that the Committee should work with Public Works and that proposals be submitted jointly to Council for approval. 


PARKING: No decisions STILL (or at least none that have been mentioned in public).


WYEVALE FIREHALL: Three of the six bids look very promising.  However, theyve all been put on hold pending a decision about the siting of the new firehall.  (Why was the site not selected before tenders were solicited?)