May 26, 2003
Committee of the Whole 9:05 am – 5:10 pm
Evening Meeting 7:02 pm – 8:25 pm
Four members of Council present. Councillor Pierre Paul Maurice absent.


ONGOING FIREHALL SAGA: Staff recommended that a 3-bay, 1-storey design (one of three favoured possibilities from the tenders submitted last year) be selected and asked Council for input on the design. Council recommended that the proposed building footprint be expanded a little to allow for future needs. Construction of the proposed station is to be tendered.
Last year, when the tenders were submitted and then put on hold pending site selection, there was some discussion about whether it would be wise to have a new call for tenders once a site was chosen, to allow all competitors to respond to the requirements of the particular site. This possibility was not raised at this point.

TOWNSHIP SURVEYOR POSITION: Council did not address the concerns raised in a deputation by Patricia O’Driscoll at the last meeting with regard to the elimination of the position of Township Surveyor.

BOAT RAMP AT BALM: Like the ramp at Woodland Beach, the ramp at Balm is to be closed temporarily because of low water.

SEPTIC RE-INSPECTION PROGRAM: Last year, all septic systems older than 10 years were inspected in the shore areas of Concession 9 and half of Concession 10. This year, C. C. Tatham has hired an additional student and hopes to hire a third. Their objective is 1,000 re-inspections! They’ll finish re-inspecting the shore areas of Concession 10, then move on to Concession 8 and Concession 2 (Con. 2 was added after the meeting, as a result of Councillor Bob Buchkowsky’s suggestion that re-inspections be done in areas that have had poor swimming water quality).

DOG TAGS: It was agreed that there is no need to tag "seasonal" dogs in Tiny as long as proof can be produced the dog has been tagged in another jurisdiction. However, dog-owners may wish to purchase a tag anyway ($25) as it makes it easier for Animal Control to discover where a lost dog lives in Tiny.

HOUR-LONG DEPUTATION BY CLEOPATRA RESORT: At the moment the 19 owners of this resort hold the property as tenants in common. They want to become a “commercial condominium” whereby each of the 19 condominiums would be in separate ownership.
It was not clear why this group was not told to submit a formal application and why staff did not then review it and make decisions about its viability according to the rules in place.
Council expressed concerns that the Township might have to take over the water system if it failed to meet current standards at some point. Those in the audience wondered about septic arrangements. Are they adequate? Is there a difference between the requirements for a motel and those for condominiums? These are questions that staff is equipped to answer or to get answered.

INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY: Tiny is 1 of 4 sites under consideration by the County of Simcoe for an IWMF. Such a facility would divert more than 50% of garbage from the landfill, but the catchment area would be very large (much more than the 4 municipalities whose waste is slated for Site 41). County already owns enough property adjacent to Site 41 for such a recycling operation.
Mayor Klug spoke about benefits of an IWMF, primarily that the stuff going into the landfill would be of a better quality and that there might be new revenues.
There are fears, however, that the Township might be saddled with hidden costs.
No one addressed the issue of pollution, but we would like to know just what hazards might lurk in such a facility for Tiny.

SIGNAGE FOR BEACH PARKS: STILL no decision about signage to acquaint visitors with permitted and forbidden uses in shore parks and parkettes, a matter that has been on the agenda off and on since last September.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL FOR CHILDREN AGE 7 AND UP: Council approved a proposal from Holly Bryce, Recreation Coordinator, for beach volleyball at Balm Beach near the washrooms 9:30 am to noon, Sunday mornings in July and August. Check the details on the Township website under “Faqs”.