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Special Council Meeting May 22, 2001
Present: Mayor Robert Klug, Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, and Councillor Pierre Paul Maurice.
Absent: Councillors Bob Buchkowsky and Frank Hughes.

NO NOTICE: No notice of this meeting was given. No members of the public were present.

Council has already made a couple of significant changes to the Official Plan. It has now passed a motion which seeks more changes in order to smooth the way for the Pebble Ridge subdivision and golf course development in Concessions 20 and 21. Council is seeking these changes without public consultation, by a backdoor route, for one particular developer. These changes could well open the way for a kind of development that the new "Environment First" Plan, as it now stands, seeks to control.

The motion in question was moved by Deputy Mayor Salisbury, seconded by Councillor Maurice:

"Whereas Council by Resolution 112/01 dated February 12, 2001 approved in principle an application by Blairhampton Properties Inc., Pebble Ridge Golf Community for amendments to the governing Official Plan and relevant zoning by-law subject to conditions noted therein;

And whereas by Council Resolution 113/01 dated February 12, 2001 Council instructed the Township solicitor, staff and consultants to support its position outlined in Resolution 112/01;

And whereas the County of Simcoe was provided with notice of the aforementioned resolutions;

And whereas the County of Simcoe, notwithstanding the aforementioned advice, proceeded to approve the Township's new Official Plan with designations on the Blairhampton Properties Inc., Pebble Ridge Golf Community lands inconsistent with the aforesaid resolutions.

Therefore be it resolved that the Township solicitor be instructed to commence an appeal of the Decision of the County approving the Township's Official Plan with respect to the designation of the Blairhampton Properties Inc., Pebble Ridge Golf Community lands being Part of Lots 20 and 21, Concessions 20 and 21 together with any provisions and policies within the Official Plan inconsistent with the Blairhampton Properties Inc., Pebble Ridge Golf Community applications as approved by Resolution 112/01. Carried 3-0 (383/091)"