May 12, 2003
Committee of the Whole 9:05 am – 4:39 pm
Evening Meeting 7:00 pm – 8:59 pm
Four members of Council present. Mayor Klug away on vacation.


COUNCIL PASSES 2003 BUDGET: Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, in the chair in Mayor Klug’s absence, announced that questions about the budget were to be submitted in writing to John Theriault, the Township's Treasurer. Theriault then presented the budget. Afterwards it became clear that questions were to be answered in writing, but not that evening.
As anticipated, the fact that Council passed the budget means --
Municipal Levy -- up 1.78%,
County Levy -- up 6.22%
School Levy -- up 4.31%
Total taxes -- up 3.95%
(Visuals, like those used in the past, would have made it easier for the audience to understand the budget.)

BOAT RAMPS JACKSON PARK/WOODLAND: As the Woodland Beach boat ramp is now completely out of the water and the Bay in that area is very shallow, Council decided to close it temporarily. They allocated $14,000 (of the budgeted $15,481) to extend the Jackson Park ramp (again) and to apply for a license to dredge after July 15 when fish have finished spawning. Council decided to delay the decision about dredging until July. (Dredging will not increase the depth of the water in the vicinity of the boat launch permanently. One vigorous storm will replace any sand that is cleared away.)
At the meeting it seemed that extension of the boat ramp would be undertaken immediately, but the thinking now is that the extension would be pointless without dredging.

SITE RECEIVES ZONING FOR WYEVALE FIRE STATION: By a 3-1 vote (Councillor Hughes against), the site recommended by a consultant got the necessary zoning. Councillor Hughes opposed the choice of site on the ground that its proximity to the Tiny Trail presents dangers for those on horseback and for small children.

ADDITIONS TO CLEAN YARD BY-LAW: The definition of "inoperative motor vehicle" is to be expanded to include a vehicle which does not have currently valid license plates.
Stagnant water is to be added to the definition section. Owners and occupants are to keep their lots clear of stagnant water or to implement a strategy for reducing mosquito breeding that has been approved by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. Note, however, that this section is not to apply to lands zoned Environmentally Protected (EP) in the Township's Zoning By-law or to agricultural ponds, marshes, swamps, bogs and fens.

DEPUTATION RE POSITION OF TOWNSHIP SURVEYOR: Former Deputy Mayor Patricia O'Driscoll urged Council to find out the implications of their decision to rescind David Lambden's appointment as Township Surveyor. While holding that position, she said, Lambden had begun to amass data about Township properties. The field notes of a Township Surveyor belong to the Township and can easily be consulted by staff and residents. Outside surveyors hired to do particular tasks, on the other hand, retain possession of their survey notes; information is then less accessible and fees have to be paid to access it.

ANSWERS TO DEPUTATION ABOUT SEEMING INACTION: At the previous meeting of Council, Dorene Trunk, President of the Rochelle Beach Association, asked Council to give her Yes or No answers to questions concerning frequently discussed matters. In brief (and selectively) from what we heard as observers,
• So far, instructional signs have not been ordered for Township properties.
• The Off-Road Vehicles Committee apparently made no recommendations. It has not met since January. It has now been assigned a secretary and will meet twice a month, on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.
• The MoE will not permit the clearing of the weeds for 40' from the culvert at the 8th Concession.
• The possibility of spill-over parking from the boat launch at Jackson Park has not been addressed. By-Law will observe parking patterns in the whole area this summer and then decisions will be made.
• West Nile Virus information has been put on the Web Site and mailed out.
• The Health Unit will not change the day it tests swimming water in public parks from Monday to Wednesday as Council requested.
• The bounds of Township lands are not going to be clearly marked. Mrs. Trunk was advised to contact the Mediator on this matter!

BY-LAW ENFORCEMENT REVIEW: This summer, By-Law is to be a visible presence on Municipal Beaches as well as giving out parking tickets. Summer by-law students are to be instructed in the
• differentiation of enforcement capability at township owned vs. privately owned beaches
• responsibilities of OPP
• responsibilities of Huronia Animal Control.

BY-LAWS CONNECTED WITH WATER SYSTEMS: A $150 fine is to be imposed on those on municipal systems who water lawns when water supplies are low, and there is to be a $300 fine for unauthorized taking of water from a fire hydrant.
The use of pesticides and herbicides is to be banned on municipal properties with wells. Owners of properties within a 50-day hydrogeologic travel time of a municipal well are to be requested to limit or to refrain from the use of such chemicals. All owners of properties on municipal water systems are to be requested to use licensed applicators of such chemicals.

CAPITAL FUNDING FOR PARKS AND REC: Council okayed up to $6,000 matching funds to CBO to refurbish the baseball diamond and to install a security light in the parking lot. Council also okayed $30,000 to the Perkinsfield Rec. Association as matching funds for two new tennis courts, and asked whether the Association would also like matching funds for a 3rd tennis court since three courts are needed if there is to be a tennis club. There was discussion about using the old courts for basketball.