April 29, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:17 am to 5:59 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7 pm to 9:05 pm

Councillor Bob Buchkowsky was absent, on holiday; Mayor Robert Klug was absent, ill, in the evening.


CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSION: From 4:35 pm to 5:58 pm


STAFF REPLACEMENT: Michael Hehl (from Innisfil) has been hired as a building inspector to replace Jamie Wilson who left to take up a position in Penetang.


SEPTIC REINSPECTION PROGRAM: The septic inspections are to be administered by C. C. Tatham and Associations who will charge a fee of $51.35. Inspections will be done by a student inspector (who has been sent on a week-long training program), with backup from Tathamĺ─˘s regular accredited staff.  Before inspections are undertaken, records will be checked for use permits for each property.  Each property will be notified about a coming inspection.  The actual inspection will

-       note the type and size of buildings on the lot

-       record the holding tankĺ─˘s type, size, condition, location, chambers

-       look for evidence of effluent, erosion, surface water flow

-       check sewage setback and separations

-       see if there is excessive plant growth in the bed area

-       look at approval records in the ownerĺ─˘s possession

-       and before the file is closed require a certificate from a pumping company that the tank has been pumped out within a year of the inspection

Where systems are inadequate, there will be follow-up by the Chief Building Official, paid for by the landowner.  The owner will be contacted about mandatory upgrades.  Owners who do not remedy deficiencies will receive orders to comply.  Inspection reports are to be recorded electronically.  The intention is to do 500 inspections in the first year, possibly in the Balm Beach area or at the 16th Concession. 

Owners are advised to have their well water tested twice yearly and to keep the records of the results; they are also advised have their systems pumped out every 3-5 years and to keep a file of septic pump out certificates.  Pumpers are to be made aware that they should check tanks they pump to ensure that they are in good condition.


NO SMOKING BY-LAW: Neighbouring jurisdictions have either done nothing or put very weak restrictions in place.  Tinyĺ─˘s Council has decided not to take a leadership role, but rather to work with Tay, which proposes some sort of partial restrictions on smoking.


GEORGIAN BAY ESTATES WATER SYSTEM: A investigation into last yearĺ─˘s contamination problem (see Council Report for October 9/01) yielded no certainties.  Probably there was ĺ─˙cross connectionĺ─¨ not by design but by inadvertence, possibly a backflow from a private residence where the pressure had been elevated above that of the Township system.


BY-LAW ENFORCEMENT STAFF:  There will be 14 bylaw staff (6 full time, 8 part time) hired for the summer period.  This is 2 more full time extra help than last year. 


HOW TO GET EQUIPMENT FOR LOCAL PARKS:  110 residents in the vicinity of Tee Pee Point Park on Peek-A-Boo Trail (who do not have an association), asked for matching funds from the Township to purchase and install playground equipment.  The equipment will cost roughly $8,000.  The group is raising money by means of a golf tournament.  The request was granted; the Townshipĺ─˘s matching funds of up to $4000 are to come from the parkland reserve fund.  (This result contrasts with Councilĺ─˘s decision during budget discussions to cancel the playground equipment for Jackson Park that was in the Parkĺ─˘s Master Plan.  At Jackson Park, no citizensĺ─˘ group came forward, willing to foot part of the bill, probably because no one was aware that Council had cancelled the equipment.)


PARKING AGAIN: No decisions.  Bob Buchkowsky argued that basically there are three options (given here in summary):

1)   Status quo ĺ─ý with the addition of more permit parking spaces. Result? -  people will find somewhere else, nearby, to park.

2)   Convert All Open Parking to No Parking.  Result? -  problems for visitors to homes in the shore area.  ĺ─ý also a need for more by-law officers, as people will park where there are No Parking signs on hot weekends.

3)   No Parking Blanket Coverage, announced at access points around the Township, saying that parking is allowed only where designated by signage.  Result? ĺ─ý people will try other areas than Tiny.


WYEVALE FIRE STATION:  There was heated discussion about the tender inviting design-built bids:

-       should design have been rolled in with building?

-       was it unfair to demand an architectĺ─˘s stamp?

-       was it foolish to cite a location that is not owned by the Township?

-       did the tender stipulate that the building be begun this year? (no)

-       why was the tender set up so that the Lafontaine station was the standard

-       shouldnĺ─˘t the committee to select the best design be balanced between representatives from the fire department and others?  (Result? A committee of 6 including 3 members of the fire department, Herb Proudley (Manager of Public Works), Councillor Frank Hughes and Councillor Bob Buchkowsky (if he agrees to serve), with the mayor as the fallback option.


COUNTY COUNCIL TO REMAIN AT 36: The recommendation of Countyĺ─˘s staff that the size of County Council be halved has been rejected.  Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayer of each of Simcoe Countyĺ─˘s 16 municipalities will continue to serve on County Council.


DEPUTATION BY KATHY SPEERS OF SAVE THE BEACHES: Kathy Speers said that no progress has been made with Council's Community Beach Statements proposal; that the Mediator had not reported; that beach negotations had gone nowhere.  She said the Beach Associations had refused to co-operate.  She is concerned that a beach association has purchased its beach block and has closed a trail through its woods, and that another beach association has put up signs.  (She said nothing about Council's purchase of two beaches, nor about its taking over a strip in front of cottages on another beach, nor about statements by some members of Council and by the Clerk that signs marking the beginning of privately owned land would have to be erected by landowners as the Township does not intend to mark the boundaries of beach parks.  She said nothing about the many beach associations who spoke with the Mediator.  )


She declared that she is going to begin a new public awareness campaign and that she intends to seek publicity.  She intends to tell the province that "where sandy beaches are concerned there can be no compromise."  She said that she is going to ask the Attorney General to intervene.


THUNDER BEACH DRAINAGE STUDY: Dennis Consultants made a two hour presentation about various solutions to the flooding which occurred in parts of Thunder Beach in 1997 and 1998.  These proposals would affect the Centre Beach Road outlet and the West Shore Drive outlet and the system of ditches and storm sewers feeding into them.  Thunder Beach residents would be well advised to read the report carefully and consider the implications of the various options, particularly the points at which each would dump storm water into the Bay.  In one or two of the scenarios, a pipe would be run down a ĺ─˙publicĺ─¨ walkway to the beach and the walkway would be widened.  The recommended option has a price tag of $408,000.  The Mayor expressed interest in options involving storm water management ponds.