April 8, 2002

Committee of the Whole 10:07 am 4:59 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7:02 pm to 7:59 pm

Councillor Bob Buchkowsky was absent on holiday all day; Mayor Robert Klug was absent, ill, in the evening.


CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSION: From 4:20 pm to 4:58 pm


ZONING BYLAW UPDATE: Nick McDonald of Meridian Planning said that he hoped to have a draft of the bylaws that will implement the new Official Plan ready by the summer and that there will then be public meetings about the bylaws. 

Mr. McDonald also said that it is now provincial policy that new shoreline buildings must be set 45 metres back from the 100-year high storm line.  W. F. Baird & Associates is to be asked to undertake a shoreline setback study.  

This new requirement may cause difficulties for many owners along the shore.  Buildings in violation of this new setback standard cannot be renovated or expanded or rebuilt.  It may not be possible to build on some vacant lots.    


COUNCIL OPPOSES L.C.B.O. AGENCY STORE: Almost all communications to Council on the subject of the proposed L.C.B.O. agency store in Balm Beach have been against the idea.  All but two or three of those who attended the public meeting also opposed a retail outlet in that location.  Council therefore passed a strong motion opposing such an outlet.  (Click here for the motion.) 

         However, the matter may not have been fully resolved.  The day after Council passed its motion (April 9), it was discovered that the L.C.B.O. had placed an advertisement in the Midland Free Press headed "Retail Business Opportunity for an Agency Store in the Area of Balm Beach."


BOAT LAUNCHES: At the meeting of Council on March 25, the Small Water Craft Committee made a number of recommendations concerning boat launches.  A staff report on the subject agreed with the Committee that the boat launch at Woodland Beach should (and will) be removed, but recommended that nothing be done at Balm Beach or at Jackson Park.  The report opposed keeping the Balm Beach boat launch open during the week and closed on weekends and felt that it would be too expensive to staff the launch area at Jackson Park. 


PARKING STRATEGY: It was agreed that the cost of permits for parking should be reduced from $10 per household (the cost of either 1 or 2 permits) to $5 per permit to a maximum of 2 permits per household. 

The Manager of Public Works, Herbert Proudley, was asked to ascertain how many "safe" permit parking places are to be found along the western shore of Tiny and to report back to Council by May 13.  He is not to consider how much Township-owned space there is available at the beach -- only parking safety.  Council will then make decisions about the allocation of permit parking.  Mr. Proudley was also asked to remove "No Parking" signs that are not required by the rules.


A BAN ON SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES IN TINY?: Councillor Frank Hughes presented a well-researched brief explaining why he supports a no smoking by-law.




Motion re Proposed LCBO Agency Store in Balm Beach:


Whereas the L.C.B.O. on January 17, 2002 announced it has designated Balm Beach as one of 17 "underserviced communities and tourist areas" eligible for a new classification of "LCBO agency stores";


Whereas the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services has stated in its News Release of January 17, 2002 "Each Agency will not be awarded if the municipality opposes the agency store";


Whereas the overwhelming views of Tiny Township residents expressed at the public meeting held on April 6, 2002 were opposed;


And whereas Council believes the overall interests of the Township would not be well served by such a proposal.


Be it resolved that Council opposes the appointment of a new "LCBO agency store" in the Township of Tiny at this time, and that the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services and the LCBO be so informed.