March 31, 2003

Committee of the Whole 9:14 am - 4:59 pm

Evening Meeting 7:08 pm - 9:46 pm

Four members of Council present; Councillor Bob Buchkowsky away on vacation.





Three Parks and Recreation Associations outlined the costs of capital projects 

an addition to the pavilion in Lafontaine: $330,362.83,

rebuilding the two tennis courts in Perkinsfield: $55,000, and

baseball improvements at CBO: either $10,000 or $12,000 (both figures were mentioned).

In each case the association has raised some money. The Township's contribution (usually matching funds) to these projects will be discussed at the next Committee of the Whole. The timing of these requests is strange. In order to be considered for this year's budget, funding requests should have been submitted last fall. The Recreation Associations already receive annual grants amounting to $45,600. Council agreed to replace the used snowblower that was stolen from the CBO Association.


PARKS AND RECREATION INSURANCE: Insurance which covers only baseball and soccer (the only insurance available at this time) is to be secured for Parks and Recreation activities for $30,000 ($5,000 per association) this year. The Township and the Recreation Associations are to look at ways to bring recreation activities under the umbrella of the Township's general liability insurance policy.


TEE PEE POINT PARK EQUIPMENT FUNDING: Last year, neighbours in the vicinity of Tee Pee Point Park asked for matching funding for playground equipment. Since then, they have raised their share of projected costs and Council agreed to support the Township's share – $4,000.

PROPOSAL TO INVESTIGATE THE QUALITY OF BEACHES IN TINY: The Simcoe County District Health Unit sent a letter supporting the investigation into recreational water quality proposed recently by the Severn Sound Environmental Association. Council, in the absence of Councillor Bob Buchkowsky who had many reservations about the proposed study, decided to allocate $40,000 to fund the investigation.


ACCOUNTS – STUDIES – DAVID LAMBDEN: A total of $47,378 was charged against 'Studies' in the accounts for the period ending March 31. This included monies for research, drafting, surveying, title searching, legal services and a payment to David Lambden, Township Surveyor, of $11,646.82.

The latter may have been a final payment, as, in a bylaw that was not in the printed agenda, David Lambden's appointment was rescinded. In question time, Council was asked whether David Lambden's work (which was to ascertain the extent of Township ownership along the shore of Tiny Township) had been completed. The Mayor's answer was that it was 'just about' complete. Asked whether Lambden's reports would be made public (none have been released since this Council took office at the end of 2000), he said that they are hard to understand and that they would have to be simplified.


WILL COUNCIL NIBBLE AWAY AT THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION OF THE NEW OFFICIAL PLAN IN THE PEEK-A-BOO TRAIL AREA?: On October 15, 2002, neighbours and the Federation (see the Report on Council for that date), vigorously opposed a request for an Official Plan Amendment and a zoning change which would override the Environment Protection One designation and allow building lots in the Peek-A-Boo Trail area. At this meeting, on March 31, Council discussed a planning report on the matter, and it appears to be set to amend the Official Plan to permit four building lots at its meeting on April 14. It was said that this application was under discussion prior to the adoption of the New Official Plan and so the weaker environmental protections of the old Plan should apply. (The application came in under the New Official Plan.) It was said that because the wetlands in the area are not provincially designated, they are not as strongly protected. (True, but the New Official Plan views all wetlands as significant -- part of its Environment First vision.) Time is short; residents should let Council know their views on this matter.


COUNCILLOR HUGHES SUPPORTS NO-SMOKING BYLAW: It has been a year since Councillor Hughes last urged Council to pass a No Smoking By-Law, in support of the appeal to all Simcoe municipalities made by the Medical Officer of Health in September of 2001. The toll taken by smoking in Simcoe County is heavy (more than 450 smoking related deaths every year, plus 11 deaths of non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke). Once again, Hughes made a plea for action. The other members of Council say that they are concerned. The reasons Mayor Klug and Deputy Mayor Salisbury advanced for doing nothing, yet again, were that it would be best if all North Simcoe municipalities were to act in concert, and that Midland was going to be passing a bylaw soon. (The reporter for the Midland Free Press, writing on March 28 about the most recent discussion of a smoking by-law by the Council of Midland, noted that Midland's Council had not made much progress.) The vote taken in Tiny was 3 against (Klug, Salisbury, Maurice) to 1 in favour (Hughes).


WEST NILE VIRUS PREPARATIONS: The Manager of Pubic Works has applied for two spaces for training Township staff in control measures. An inventory of areas of standing water on properties in the care of the municipality is being prepared. No supplies have been ordered yet.


COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT: Cecile de Courcy has been selected from applicants who responded to the advertisement in the Free Press for those willing to serve on the Historical and Heritage Committee. (It would be a good idea to advertise such openings on the Township website so that seasonal residents might become aware of such openings.)