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March 26, 2001

(Councillor Bob Buchkowsky away on vacation; Councillor Frank Hughes in hospital after a minor heart attack two days earlier, but expected home shortly. Best wishes to Councillor Hughes for a speedy recovery.)

TINY TRAILS: At the beginning of the evening Gloria Evanytsky enthusiastically thanked Council for the $25,000 the Tiny Trails had been given, reported that the application to the SuperBuild fund for $1,000,000 to reconstruct and repair the Trail's bridges had advanced to the second phase, and revealed that the missing original engineering drawings of the bridges were now in hand. Doug St. Amant showed slides of the bridges to illustrate the need for serious money,

PROPOSED CHANGE TO NEW OFFICIAL PLAN: While most of the new OP will go into effect once the County of Simcoe approves it, probably in April, it is proposed that "B6.4.5 Seasonal and Permanent Occupancy of Residential Dwellings" be strengthened, and that a public meeting be held on the new wording before that clause goes into effect. See current and proposed wording of B6.4.5.

This change would impose a holding (H) designation on all dwellings currently zoned Shoreline Residential, and is meant to encourage people in the shore area to bring their septic systems up to standard. Getting the designation removed will apparently require not only a fee for the septic inspection ($250, possibly less if a special volume discount is negotiated with C. C. Tatham and Associates) but also a fee for paperwork associated with removing the holding designation (possibly another $200-$250). There was discussion of a grace period during which the administration charges for removing the (H) designation might be waived though the fee would have to be paid for the septic inspection.

There was no discussion of the need to reinspect ALL older septic systems in the Township.

PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE: A draft report which will be submitted to Council on April 9 was included in the March 26 agenda. It noted that the committee had met 4 times and that it would be making site visits after the snow disappears. Included in the draft report was a SITE VISITATION CHECKLIST.


Many of the dwellings in the shoreline area were originally designed for seasonal occupancy. Given that many of these dwellings are now being occupied on a year-round basis, it is the intent of this Plan that the new implementing zoning by-law permit both seasonal and permanent occupancy in these areas.

It is also the intent of this Plan to ensure that existing septic systems in these areas are upgraded to current standards by their owners as dwellings are upgraded and that an appropriate water supply is available for each dwelling unit.

In order to implement this intent, confirmation that the septic system servicing the dwelling unit conforms to current standards is required before certain types of improvements can be made to a lot or dwelling unit in these areas. These improvements include:

a) The enlargement, renovation or addition to a dwelling unit requiring a permit under the Building Code Act; or,
b) The development of additional plumbing fixtures; or,
c) The development of an in-ground swimming pool; and/or
d) The development of a deck in the same yard as the septic system.

In addition, confirmation must be received prior to the issuance of a building permit for the above improvements that indicates the well servicing the dwelling, if there is a well supplying water to the dwelling, is located on the same lot as the dwelling. If the well servicing the dwelling is not located on the same lot, an agreement in the form of an easement approved by the Committee of Adjustment is required.

Two changes are proposed. The paragraph beginning "In order to implement this intent..." is to be replaced with

"At the time of passing the implementing Zoning By-law, lots that were zoned Shoreline Residential (SR) by By-law 30-77 shall be subject to a 'Holding (H)' symbol. The intention of the holding symbol is to prohibit any enlargement, renovation or addition to the habitable area of the seasonal dwelling until confirmation from the appropriate agency that the sewage treatment system servicing the dwelling unit conforms to current standards before certain types of improvements can be made to a lot or dwelling unit. These improvements include:"

The second change is the addition, immediately after the list of improvements, of the following sentence:

"Once confirmation is obtained from the appropriate agency, the holding symbol shall be removed by the Township."

- Confirm that recommendations for each site have been implemented as detailed in the approved documentation [ie that the recommendations of The Planning Partnership had been put in place]
- Determine if the signage is visible and clear
- Evaluate the potential for additional parking capability in the area if required
- Evaluate the potential for drop-off spots if required
- Examine the quality of the beach area and waterbottom re useability
- Determine the proximity and impact of parking areas on nearby there an appropriate buffer?
- List any facilities or amenities that are in close proximity (washrooms, changerooms, parkettes, garbage cans, commercial establishments etc.)
- Evaluate the residential density of the area