March 25, 2002

Committee of the Whole - 9:07 am 5:28 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7:19 pm - 8:43 pm

All Members of Council present.




VOTE BY MAIL A POSSIBILITY FOR 2003: Earl Evans, CAO/Clerk reported on this method of voting.  Were it chosen, each voter would receive a kit which would include

a)   an instruction sheet and a Voter Declaration Form

b)   a ballot

c)   a secrecy envelope into which the ballot and the Voter Declaration Form would be put and then sealed

d)   a return envelope with prepaid postage

Ballots would have to be mailed 10 days before the date of the election.  The Clerk's department would count the ballots on election day.  Ballots could also be deposited at the Township Office on Election Day.  In a month or two, the Clerk will present a recommendation to Council about the method of voting to be used in the 2003.


SMALL WATERCRAFT COMMITTEE REPORT: In his presentation, Don Daoust (on behalf of the committee) recommended

a)   that the boat launch at Woodland Beach be decommissioned.  (There is $10,000 in the budget for this.) 

b)   that the boat launch at Balm Beach serve as an alternative to the one at Jackson Park on weekdays but be closed on weekends when the area is crowded.  No fee would be charged for its use.

c)   that the boat launch at Jackson Park be staffed on summer weekends and holidays from 8 am to 7 pm.  To pay for this, there would be season's permits for $40, and daily permits for $15 on weekends and $10 on weekdays.  The two staff (1 by-law and 1 assistant) would have shelter and storage space in a kiosk.


PARKING STRATEGY UPATE: This took several startling turns. A couple of times it was emphasized that shoreline parking was no longer being planned in relation to the amount of shore the Township actually owns.  Instead parking was being allocated with regard to safety and traffic flow on nearby roads.  The pilot assignment of permit parking spots for Concessions 11, 12 and 13 was discussed.  Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury emphasized that open parking spaces were being lost and that the 400 permit spaces that had been discussed were not enough: 700 were needed. 

Individuals in the audience expressed dismay at the loss of the principles that guided the old parking strategy; and asked whether pressure might be taken off the western shore by allocating some permit parking to other beaches in Tiny; and observed that the additional 88 permit spaces at the 12th and 13th brought the total there to more than a hundred.

After the brief recess, Councillor Bob Buchkowsky suggested that they return to the recommendations of the Parking Advisory Committee, plus 10 extra spots on each concession.  Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury was adamantly opposed to this.  A 4-1 vote was taken.  What was to happen about open parking was not clear. 

In the evening it was announced that no decision about parking would be taken until legal advice had been acquired.     


BATTLE OF GEORGIAN BAY: David Brunelle gave an upbeat report about the success of the reenactment. Toward the end of his presentation, he revealed that there was a shortfall of $49,123.96, and that the next reenactment, in 2004, may be in jeopardy as the Ontario Heritage Act has set standards which may preclude the use of Discovery Harbour.


WYEVALE FIRE STATION: The result of concerns expressed by some members of the public and of the Council about the cost and design of the new station was that a "design built" proposal was to go out for tender a few days later.


BUDGET, TAXES ETC.: There still has been no full presentation of the budget though there have been a number of working sessions.  At the moment, the budget increase is to be 5.32% and the levy increase 2.42%.