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March 12, 2001

(Councillor Pierre Paul Maurice away on vacation.)

Much the most important item of business was the Township's BUDGET.

Tiny's share of the property tax (the balance is comprised of the County and the School levies) rose a stunning 26% over last year. Only when averaged with the anticipated County and School levies was this year's property tax increase "reduced" to 11.14%. After the formal presentation of the budget, concerned citizens asked many questions.

In addition, those on municipal water systems face a huge increase in their WATER FEES.

The CAPITAL LEVY, paid by every household on a township water system and by vacant lots in areas served by such a water system rose from $35 to $400. This increase is to cover several large ticket items--an electronic monitoring system ($776,300), and anticipated interim costs associated with the Renouf water system ($175,000) and with the Lafontaine water system ($345,000). For the Renouf system these interim costs represent only a fraction of the potential capital costs. For both systems, much is uncertain about the eventual allocation of costs until the Township's appeals of the orders to take over the systems are heard, though the intention is that the user-pay principle pertain.

The OPERATING LEVY for those households on municipal water systems rose from $195 to $375, the result of expenses caused by more stringent provincial regulations.

The TOTAL, for households on water systems, is $775.

One Perkinsfield resident wanted to know whether there would be a rebate if the Township were successful in getting a grant to cover some part of the capital expenses. He was told that such a grant would go to build up the water reserve fund for future contingencies.