March 11, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:08 am to 3:51

Evening Council Meeting 7:03 pm to 9:58 pm

Four Members of Council present. Pierre Paul Maurice away on vacation.




CROWN RESERVATION ON GOESSMAN LOTS: See Partial Update for March 11 for an account of the presentation by Township Solicitor Rusty Russell.  The Township has left 200-300 owners in 9 stretches of Tiny's shore in a state of uncertainty.  Owners have been asked to produce proof that a Crown Reservation of a 66' road allowance along the water's edge of their lots (the water's edge in 1823, that is) has been released at some point in the past by the Ministry of Natural Resources. If they have proof, then the reservation on their lots will not be transferred by the Province to the Township.  But nothing has been said about what the Township will do -- or can do -- with the Crown Reservations on those lots.  There is a sense of undefined threat.  



Earlier Council thought it had no say concerning the licensing of such a local retail store to carry liquor and beer.  However, it has been learned that Council may "by resolution express its approval or disapproval."  To date, the LCBO proposal is to locate such a retail outlet in Balm Beach but there is interest elsewhere too.  Roger Priddle, who owns a store at the 11th, supported the idea and expressed his interest in a deputation to Council; two other stores are apparently interested. There is to be a public meeting on the issue on Saturday, April 6, at 10 am at the Municipal Offices.  Those who cannot attend may express their views in writing, by e-mail to or by letter to


Earl Evans, Clerk/CAO

Municipal Offices of Tiny Township

130 Balm Beach Road West

R.R. #1, Perkinsfield, ON  L0L 2J0 


PARKING STRATEGY: The proposed higher parking fines have received approval--moving fees for basic offences from $20 to $60 (see the November 26, 2001 Report on Council for a complete list).  Also, the Manager of Public Works submitted a revised parking report showing where 108 additional permit parking places might be situated at three concession ends, the 11th, the 12th, and the 13th.  The intention was to follow the same principles when allocating permit parking to other concession ends.  The guiding principle at this point was volume and safety -- the maximum number of parking spaces that could be put in place given due regard to the width of the road, traffic flow and the like.  The number of parking spaces no longer had any relationship to the amount of land the municipality owns on the shore.  More on this in next Council Update!


RECONSTRUCTION OF TRAIN STATION BY CITIZENS OF WYEVALE APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE: Approval was needed as the proposed reconstructed station would stand on land owned by the Township.  It is thought that labour will be supplied by local citizens.  Nothing was said about the cost of materials.


BLAIRHAMPTON (PEBBLE RIDGE) PROPERTIES SETTLEMENT: The developer has offered a settlement to the County of Simcoe (which has had serious concerns about environmental aspects of the proposed development).  Lyle Blair offered to remove 11 lots from the proposed residential Plan of Subdivision reducing the total number of lots from 34 to 23.  In addition he offered to withdraw the proposal for the golf course.  A County memorandum suggests that it is amenable to the settlement, if certain conditions are met.  The key paragraph reads:


"The settlement offer would achieve a satisfactory state with regard to the preservation of the significant woodlot and its features and functions.  Water supply remains a concern: it is proposed that a staging program be applied to the development of the 23 lots, such that a hold is placed on the development of a portion of the lots until a water supply can be proved and until monitoring provides confidence that there will be no contaminated water drawn from the area of the stump dump."  


As the settlement offer addresses the chief concerns of all those who had opposed the development, the OMB hearing will probably now be brief and serve to bring the various neighbours who had opposed the development -- two beach associations (Kingswood Acres and Cedar Point), the First Nations of Christian Island, and several individual abutting landowners -- up to date on the settlement offer.