March 10, 2003

Committee of the Whole shortly after 9 am - ??

Evening Meeting 7:30 pm or so 9:49 pm

All members of Council present most of the day; Councillor Maurice absent in the latter part of the afternoon


DAVID LAMBDEN'S REPORTS: The accounts published in the Agenda show that David Lambden was paid $31,353.67 on March 11 (his invoices now total more than $350,000) and STILL none of his reports have been made public.


OMB RESOLUTION RE PROPOSED 28 LOT ADDITION TO PERRI SUBDIVISION (WOODLAND BEACH): The concerned parties – the County of Simcoe, Tiny Township, and the developer – reached an agreement about a proposed 28-lot addition to the original 36-lot subdivision. The number of additional lots has been cut back to 16.lack'>PRIVATE ROADS MAINTAINED BY THE TOWNSHIP: As a result of advice from Orillia counsel Rusty Russell, roads that the Township does not own will cease to be maintained and ploughed effective September 1. Owners will be given 60 days notice. At issue, apparently, is liability (are such roads covered by Township insurance?) and equity (why should one private road be maintained and another not?). Notice will be sent to affected landowners. At the same time the Township intends to consult with private owners where a road is co-owned with the Township so that roads end up either wholly owned by the Township or wholly in private hands.


WYEVALE FIRE STATION SITE SELECTED: A 5-acre site on the east side of County Road 6, just north of Wyevale, has been selected on the basis of a consultant's report and a staff recommendation. The vote was 4-1, with Councillor Frank Hughes, who had a number of concerns, against. An offer will be made to purchase the site contingent upon the property gaining appropriate zoning.

            Councillor Hughes had urged Council, in a memo, to discuss the consultant's report in public as the factors under consideration would then be clear to all concerned and rumours would be eliminated. But the decision about the site was taken before his memo was discussed.

            In question time, George Lawrence raised a number of questions about the selection process.

PROPOSED JACKSON PARK MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL PLAN: The Small Watercraft Committee has made a number of recommendations for Jackson Park, among them --

*      Presence of 2 members of staff in the Park from 8 am to 7 pm June 15 to Labour Day on weekends and statutory holidays, plus the Victoria Day weekend

*      Free use of the boat launch by Tiny residents (these to be identified by possession of a parking permit)

*      $20 fee for outsiders on weekends and holidays

*      $11,000 budget

Administration is to respond to the Committee's recommendations.


UPDATE RE RENOUF: R. J. Burnside and Associates reported that appropriate well sites have been found on the lots of all but two households on the defective Renouf Water System in Balm Beach. One of these will need a formal agreement to draw water from a neighbour's well; the other can share water from a well on another lot in the same ownership. Owners must now install bored or drilled wells in the approved locations, with the Township keeping an eye on the process. A list of contractors capable of installing both types of wells is to be provided. The old water system will be shut off after the summer season in 2005.


MOL-TIN SUBDIVISION EXTENSION This subdivision in the 18th concession west has been on the books for about a dozen years. Last year, Council gave the developer a year's extension to get final plan approval and to get started – and emphasized that this was the last extension. Now it seems Mol-Tin cannot meet the April deadline as they have lost their draft drawings! Council considered whether to extend the deadline by 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or a year. They decided (5-0) on a year.

This decision allows the Mol-Tin subdivision to come in under the old Official Plan for another full year. The members of Council were well aware of this and even joked about the fact that there was considerable incentive for the developer to get moving before the larger lot sizes of the new Official Plan come into play. But they never considered whether it was wise to allow a subdivision under the old rules and never considered just what environmental safeguards the subdivision is being allowed to avoid.


CLERK/CAO OF TINY TOWNSHIP ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITH PAY: As of late Thursday afternoon, Earl Evans, Clerk/CAO, is on a 2-week leave of absence, with pay. Hicks Morley, the Toronto law firm that specializes in labour relations, employment and education, is to recommend a Human Resources consultant who will consider the organization and activities of the Township offices and report to Council.