March 10, 2003

Committee of the Whole 9:08am - 6:18 pm

Evening Meeting 7:35 pm – 9:49 pm

All members of Council present most of the day; Councillor Maurice absent in the latter part of the afternoon




STAFF APPOINTMENTS: David Randall has been selected from a field of 36 applicants to serve as Tiny's new Water Superintendent. And Shawn Crawford (selected from 47 applicants) is the Township's new Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. Both men had been working for the Town of Penetanguishene.


PROPOSAL TO INVESTIGATE THE QUALITY OF BEACHES IN TINY: Councillor Bob Buchkowsky said that he had even more concerns about the study into beach water quality (see the February 24 Report on Council) proposed by the Severn Sound Environmental Association than he had two weeks ago. He wanted the study scaled back to consider only root causes and to look only at E. coli (not at other pollutants) and only at dry weather conditions and only at one location. Also he wanted the decision about the investigation to be deferred until the North Simcoe ground water study is available in a month or so.

            Councillor Frank Hughes supported having the study done, suggested that it be focussed on the most contaminated beaches sampled by the Health Unit, and observed that it might well be useful to know what impact heavy rain has on beach water quality. Deputy Mayor Salisbury said that he had no idea what to do whereas Keith Sherman of the Severn Sound Environmental Association is an expert about water quality. He therefore presented a draft resolution supporting the study.

            Council decided to defer the matter until its next meeting in order to get the Health Unit's advice about the proposed study.


WEST NILE VIRUS: Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury presented a memorandum as a guide for senior staff in producing a plan of action to control mosquitoes which carry the West Nile virus by the next meeting of Council. The memorandum said that the Township needs to act quickly as trained personnel and contractors will be in short supply this summer. It argued that efforts should be concentrated in three areas:

1)    Municipal action vis-a-vis

*      Pass the reserve of $30,000 allocated for West Nile Virus in the 2003 draft budget

*      On municipal property, identify stagnant water and other danger spots

*      Train a minimum of two personnel in mosquito control procedures

*      Identify licensed spraying contractors, if any, in this area

*      Obtain sufficient supplies to cover our own municipal property as a minimum

2)    Liaison with Upper Tier Governments and the Simcoe County District Health Unit, while being aware that both the County and the Province have so far been reluctant to take any hand in the West Nile Virus problem.

3)    Ensure that our Residents take Appropriate Action. He said that we need to

*      Review, strengthen and enforce our private property by-laws

*      Ensure that our residents are educated on personal safety, and the dangers of stagnant water, tires, brush and debris around cottages etc.

His motion passed 5-0.


TOWNSHIP TAXES TO RISE AGAIN!: According to the Treasurer, John Theriault, the draft budget envisions an increase of 3.1% in Tiny's share of the Municipal taxes. This would mean that in its three years in office this Council would have increased Tiny's share of municipal taxes by 40%!

MAURICE'S POINT: An administrative report presented by Roger Robitaille, Manager of Planning and Development, laid out five options. He added a sixth during the discussion:

The question of whether the point is a dynamic beach (a designation which would require greater setbacks) was raised as an issue that would have to be settled before the first option could be chosen. In the end, Council decided to take no action.