February 25, 2002

Committee of the Whole 9:08 am 5:38 pm

Evening Council Meeting 7:00 pm to 9:02 pm

All members of Council present

DEPUTATION RE RETAIL OUTLET FOR BEER/WINE/LIQUOR IN BALM BEACH: Ron Fawcett, president of the Carusoe Bay Association, conducted a survey of his association (Balm south to Ossossane in Concession 9). It revealed that shore residents feel they are already well served by liquor/beer outlets in areas where food shopping is done, that they think likely users of a retail outlet would be day trippers, and that the cost of extra garbage pickup, policing, and bylaw would fall on Tiny's taxpayers. All those surveyed opposed the introduction of a retail outlet at Balm.

Council had asked the LCBO for information about its Agency Store Program, but learned nothing from it about whether it had any power to accept or reject any proposed outlet. However, in a news release the local MPP Garfield Dunlop said that the municipality could say yea or nay to a retail outlet somewhere in Tiny. Information is being sought from his office.

PROPOSED FIRE STATION FOR WYEVALE: IS IT UNNECESSARILY COSTLY: The design under consideration, a design for which only one, expensive, tender has been submitted, is essentially that of the recently completed two-storey station in Lafontaine.

Ross Hastings (reeve 1991-94) made a deputation in which he argued that what is required is a basic, one-storey rectangular building. Money should be spent, not on buildings, but on the equipment that actually puts the fires out. He opposed combining public uses with fire department uses, and said that if a new hall is built, the old buildings should be retained for use for storage.

Ray Millar, fire chief of an earlier day, said in his deputation that the station does need to be replaced, but queried many aspects of the proposed design and costing. This was, in essence, a free peer review by a man knowledgeable both about the fire department and about building costs, and one we hope will be used intelligently by staff.

MISUNDERSTANDINGS: Three times in the course of Committee of the Whole, reports were discussed that did not reflect Council's desires.

1)   Dennis Baxter of R. G. Robinson and Associates presented a report on the cost ($1,245,000) of repairing or replacing bridges on the Tiny and making them safe for the various anticipated uses. However, the importance of historically accurate bridges had not been taken into account.

2)   The Public Works Manager's projected budget for replacing middle posts with boulders at concession ends and placing posts to indicate the limits of Township property ($1000), and landscaping approaches to the beaches ($2,500) at each of 40 locations. Council had not intended that any money be spent on landscaping. The upshot appears to have been that 10 locations will be selected and posts replaced with boulders to see whether this is effective in keeping ATVs off the beach.

3)   The Public Works Manager's extensive report on parking at the 9th, 12th and 13th Concession ends appears not to reflect the ideas of Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury, so there will be another report laying out parking areas.

RAYKO BACK UP WELL TO BE DRILLED: The Rayko well is at Concesssion 6 West.  The backup well there has been failing for some time.  A new, deep well is to be drilled by Allan Wright Water Wells at a cost of $44,651. [This expense will be borne by water system users only.]


This month the legal fees assigned to the Renouf Water System have amounted to $37,310.35 and R. J. Burnside's engineering fees for the system were $34,455.42.  According to the treasurer these expenses plus those incurred in 2001 (over $400,000 altogether) are to be paid by the households on the Renouf system.