February 10, 2003

Committee of the Whole 9:07 am 5:34 pm

Evening Meeting 7:12 pm 8:19 pm

All members of Council present




DEPUTATION RE MAURICE'S POINT: Norah Stoner spoke against an Official Plan Amendment and the rezoning of Maurice's point (in the 14th Concession west) which would allow a cottage to be built and a septic system installed. In the course of 50 years, she has observed this property changing constantly under the impact of storms and water level changes. On occasion it has been flooded. It would appear that it is a dynamic beach and she feels that consideration should be given to that fact. In her view neither a home nor a septic should be located on the property. Council delayed its decision.

            Another cottager in the audience reminded Council that it has been almost six months since questions were asked at the public meeting about the County of Simcoe's proposed new shoreline policy. This envisioned a 45 metre setback from the 100-year flood level on dynamic beaches. No clarifications have come forward. Reminded of the issue, Mayor Klug said that he and the Deputy Mayor would raise the matter at County.


SITE 41 COUNTY'S DUMP SITE, CONCESSION 2, EAST OF COUNTY ROAD 6: Dixon Hydrogeology is to be retained to do a peer review of the designs for Site 41, at a cost of roughly $20,000. The designs were released only recently by the County. The Community Monitoring Committee (which is keeping an eye on the development of the dump site) has also commissioned a peer review. There is considerable concern that the proposed technology a clay boat, lined with heavy plastic, floating on an aquifer may fail and contaminate ground water.


WASAGA DUNES CAMPGROUND: The operator was ordered by the Ministry of the Environment to upgrade the seasonal water system. A site plan agreement will be registered on title to protect the Township from being forced to take over the system in the future (as was the case with the Renouf System in Balm Beach).


AMBULANCE SERVICE SLOW IN TINY: At 24.6 minutes (up from 16 minutes) Tiny's ambulance response time is the worst in Simcoe County. County will be doing a study of this soon. Meantime, you should take emergency patients directly to hospital. Don't waste valuable time waiting for an ambulance.