January 21, 2002

9:00 am


Discussion ranged broadly.


a) Councillor Frank Hughes asked whether it is legal to use permit parking to control use of public beaches. Advice is to be sought. Deputy Mayor Gordon Salisbury said that action was necessary, legal or not.

b) Councillor Frank Hughes thinks it important that there be signs marking the boundaries of publicly owned land on the beach. Earl Evans (CAO/Clerk) said that owners can erect their own signs and fences.

c) Bob Buchkowsky is against reappointing the Parking Advisory Committee on the ground that it has no power to do anything and would spend all its time hearing complaints. Frank Hughes felt that the Committee was supposed to be an on-going source of recommendations for Council.


Some decisions appear to have been made, but there is no certainty until by-laws are passed.




January 21, 2002

7:00 pm


Views were aired on both sides of the question in an orderly manner.




January 28, 2002

4:29 pm

Evening Council Meeting ca 7:08 pm to 8:37 pm

All members of Council present


CONFIDENTIAL/CLOSED SESSION: From 2:15 pm to 4:25 pm


BLAIRHAMPTON PROPERTIES UNPAID BILLS: These amount to more than $100,000. The final payment ($50,000) of the agreed upon monies in lieu of parkland has been due since the fall. The remainder has been due for a year. It was decided that the Township (taxpayers) should pay the $9,997 billed by Burgar Rowe and the Ainley Group for the peer review of Planning Partnership's report on the Pebble Ridge Development. (See the Council Report for February 12, 2001.) Council directed staff to stop all work on the Pebble Ridge OMB Appeal until the remaining balance of $42,910.54 is paid and said that it must be paid within 30 days. After the Closed Session (which was attended by the developer Mr. Lyle Blair), the following sentence was added to the motion, "An extension on the payment of this debt will be granted upon receipt by the Township of a signed confirmation from Blairhampton Properties Inc., that it accepts full responsibility for this debt and guarantees its full payment in the future."


MOTION TO DELAY BLAIRHAMPTON OMB HEARING WITHDRAWN: Council passed a confusing motion on December 10, concerning a "Stump Dump" (an old gravel pit used for stumps) in Concession 20 which had "a bearing on the outcome of the Pebble Ridge OMB Hearing" and which needed to "be rehabilitated and returned to the Township." Council moved that an adjournment of the OMB Hearing on the Pebble Ridge development and golf course be sought by the Township Solicitor so that the County of Simcoe (which owns the dump) and the Township could "explore the means by which the Stump Dump may be rehabilitated and then put to better use than is currently the case." It would seen that this "better use" has something to do with the proposed Pebble Ridge development. On the advice of the Township Solicitor, this motion has been withdrawn. The OMB hearing will go ahead on schedule.


THE FEDERATION'S DEPUTATION RE PRESENTATION OF WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS AT PLANNING MEETINGS REJECTED: The deputation argued that the way written submissions are presented at planning meetings is confusing to the public. The deputation asked that some thought be given to making this part of such meetings more graspable by the audience. Council decided to make no changes. Council "agreed that the present system works well." (For the Federation's deputation, click here.)


SHORELINE ISSUES:  Council approved a $10 fee for parking permits for residents, $30 for non residents, to be used May 15-Sept. 15.  Initially, 100 permits are to be available for sale to non-residents with the intention that 10% of permits sold be allotted to non-residents.  The money raised is to be used for public beach maintenance and increased by-law staff. There is to be a place on the permit for the vehicle license number.


Council discussed doubling the number of permit parking spaces to 400.  It decided not to put up signs marking the limits of township owned land on the beach.  (It was stated that if any signs are to mark the beginning of private land, they will have to be erected by the owners themselves.)

On a motion by Councillor Frank Hughes, seconded by Councillor Pierre Paul Maurice and carried 5-0, the Township Engineer was instructed "to inform Council of the feasibility, budget and priority of":

a) replacing the middle red posts at Township waterfront property with boulders,

b) placing posts indicating the limits of Township property [on the beach],

c) landscaping the approaches to Township-owned beach property as natural paths.


REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Council unanimously approved joining the new Regional Chamber at a whopping fee of $17,200, an increase of $15,700. [Is this a responsible use of tax dollars? Only $100,000 is collected in taxes from the industrial/commercial assessment in Tiny.]


SEPTIC SYSTEM RE-INSPECTION PROGRAM: There is a new report on the township website at – "Sewage System Re-Inspection Program." It presents a universal re-inspection program for Tiny and one which includes the imposition of a Holding Provision on all shore area properties currently zoned Seasonal Residential. 


LONG WEEKEND COMMITTEE: This committee is to meet on the Wednesday before each summer long weekend to plan for traffic and the heavy influx of people. It is to be comprised of the CAO/Clerk, Fire Chief, Public Works Superintendent, By-law Officer, and representatives from the Midland OPP and Awenda Provincial Park.


DOG TAGS REVISITED: The bylaw officer says that dogs resident in Tiny need a license from Tiny Township, whether they live there just during the summer or right through the year. The rules say nothing about dogs briefly in the township, only that all dogs must have Tiny Township tags.