FoTTSA Reports on Tiny Council Meetings May 2024

Council Reports May 2024
Regular Council Meeting Wednesday May 15th 2024

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Brunelle were in attendance with Councillor Helowka on video and Councillor Walma unavailable … for both meetings.

Open Deputation

Mike Kowalski – Re: New Administrative Building  
Mr. Kowalski commented on the presentation by K. Zulynik at the last meeting of Council and the demonstration prior to it. He was shocked and dismayed that Council did not listen to the public outcry. He suggested that given the current economic conditions and the convincing arguments made by the public to more effectively manage the township. Councillor Brunelle acknowledged the concerns raised. Mr. Kowalski welcomed hard questions as he did not want the presentation just received as information.

Current procedure requires open deputations be discussed at a future CoW.

Mr. Erik Schomann – Septage Management
Mr. Schomann requested that a feasibility study be conducted on the use of fly ash and biosolids to address issues including the discontinued use of the Town of Midland Wastewater Treatment Facility, septage spreading in Tiny, and fertilizer consumption resulting in high nitrate levels affecting water sources. The Deputy Mayor indicated he would be interested in seeing a more detailed submission. Mr. Schomann was invited to sit on the re-formed Septage Committee to which he agreed.

Scheduled Deputations

Loreta Santelli – Zoning By-law Amendment for Roadside Stands
Ms. Santelli addressed Council regarding a request for an amendment to the Zoning By-law related to roadside stands and sales. The requested amendments would permit goods produced on-site to be sold via roadside stand and include a seasonal roadside stand provision.

She was thanked for her deputation and advised that it would be further discussed at the June 5, 2024, Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Don Chapman – 2024 Terry Fox Run
Mr. Chapman outlined the details of this year’s event and requested the usual support from the Township.

March 20th Administrative Centre Committee Meeting Minutes
Councillor Brunelle noted the scheduled occupancy date of September 2026 and questioned whether, given the number of deputations received, whether the date is still valid. Mr. Leitch confirmed this. Then asked what the projected dates were for the other phases of the project. Mayor Evans agreed to put this on the agenda for the next committee meeting.

Septage Receiving at Midland Wastewater Treatment Centre (WWTC)
Council considered a draft letter to the Town of Midland requesting an extension for the acceptance of septage to the Wastewater Treatment Centre to June 6, 2025 which was approved and they directed the Director of Public Works submit the letter to the Town of Midland on behalf of the Township of Tiny, Township of Tay, and Town of Penetanguishene. The letter outlined the time, effort and study requirements to find environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Annual Conference

Council discussed what deputations might be considered. The mayor acknowledged that all of Council will be attending. It is being hosted by the City of Ottawa from August 18-21, 2024.
Staff to develop a list which delegations will be requested and will include a request to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing regarding the development of settlement areas.

Committee of the Whole Meeting Wednesday May 15th 2024.

Matters For Consideration

Hybrid Workplace Policy – K. Zulynik
Councillor Brunelle asked the Deputy CAO when the policy would be presented. She was not aware and suggested CAO Lamb could be looked to for that date.

TC Energy Plant Presentation – Save Georgian Bay /Georgian Bay Association
It was noted that the matter has been referred to the Severn Sound Environmental
Association for comment and recommendation.
Mayor Evans recommended the presentation be received as information only.

Purchase of front-end wheel loader
Council approved the purchase of a Volvo L70H for $310,404 + HST from Strongco through the Canoe Procurement Group.

2024 tandem axle plow
Council supported that the contract to be awarded to Donald Currie Truck Centre for $425,897 + HST; and that staff be directed to proceed with a second RFP later this year to pre-order plows for consideration in the 2025 and 2026 budgets.

2024 AMO Annul Conference  – Delegations

Council directed staff to request a delegation request to Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks regarding septage management.