Tiny Land Needs Assessment

Simcoe County – Growth Management and Land Needs Assessment: “In conjunction with the release of the updated Growth Plan, the Province published the final version of a revised Land Needs Assessment (LNA) Methodology that municipalities are required to use in determining future land needs. The objective of the work will be to determine how much future growth can be accommodated within the existing settlement areas and then to identify how much additional land will be needed to accommodate the remaining amount of growth.

Developing the new LNA is a key element of Simcoe’s Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) process and, in keeping with the Province’s new Methodology, will be organized according to two broad land use categories: land for community needs, mainly focused around housing, and land for employment uses.”

County of Simcoe Municipal Comprehensive Review Land Needs Assessment – Memo from MHBC Consultants for Tiny Council

Midland Today Article 1/12/2021 Tiny underestimated in land need assessment draft, looks for justification