Save Our Water – FoTTSA Deputation: Sarjeant Haul Road

FoTTSA made an open, unscheduled deputation on October 16th, 2019 at the Tiny Council Meeting because the by-law about the Sarjeant haul road was on the agenda. Following that, an open unscheduled deputation was made by a representative from the Sarjeant company.

This road is the only control Tiny has over the 2 Sarjeant gravel pits which the company plans to start using in 2020: the zoning is aggregate, the license to take gravel is in the hands of the province, and if washing of gravel is contemplated, the Permit to Take Water is also controlled by the province. The pits are in the area of the Waverley Uplands.

Council Live Stream:

FoTTSA Deputation: 17’42”
Sarjeant Deputation: 22’34”

Find out more and read FoTTSA’s deputation: