Report on Council: August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 a.m. – 3:44 p.m.
Regular Meeting of Council: 6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
All members of Council Present: Mayor George Cornell, Deputy Mayor Steffan Walma, and Councillors Cindy Hastings, Richard Hinton and Gibb Wishart

PROBLEM GEESE: Enis Mitchell (a Thunder Beach resident) spoke about problem geese at Thunder Beach. For three years that beach has acquired a “kill to scare” permit from Environment Canada, whereby two geese can be killed each week provided the dead birds are left on the beach to scare off other geese. This tactic has been effective.

       Council directed Public Works staff to work with interested parties to discuss possible geese management options on municipal property and report back to Council.

SHORT TERM RENTALS: After hearing several deputations and presentations concerning disruptive short term rentals at several beaches in the course of the last month month or two, Council asked that a report be prepared on the subject. The Report stated that the current Zoning By-law does not prohibit short term rentals (yearly, monthly, or weekly), but that since 2012, the By-law Department has instituted a system of escalating heavy fines to address repeat offenders, and, where offences continue to occur, of warnings and charges against property owners. The Report noted that the Town of Wasaga Beach prohibits rentals of less that 31 days in single family dwellings, while the Town of the Blue Mountains has imposed a Short Term Accommodation Licensing By-law to regulate premises rented for 30 days or less. Owners must obtain a license and renew it bi-annually, and may have their license suspended or revoked for failure to comply with the provisions of the By-law.

    Council opted for zero tolerance of by-law infractions by short term renters (i.e. no warnings) “where evidence supports a charge against the landowner and the renter” and that the OPP is to be contacted “to add patrols to include short term rental property issue areas and report back to Council with the results”.

PROPOSED TELECOMMUNICATIONS TOWER: This wireless telecommunication installation (with associated radio equipment in a walk-in cabinet at the base) is to be 70 metres (230 feet) high and sited within a 16.5 metre (54.2 feet) by 18 metre (59 feet) compound, which is to be surrounded by a 1.8 metre (5.9 feet) high chain link security fence. Its address is 843 Concession Road 18 West. Initially, Rogers proposes to install 850 MHz and 1900 MHz HSPA, and LTE antennas, and space will be reserved to accommodate future technology and co-location by other licensed carriers. At this stage, the tower will serve subscribers to the Rogers network only.

Dismayingly it is to be located on land that is zoned agricultural and is thus protected by the Township’s Official Plan. Shawn Persaud, Manager of Planning and Development, argues in his report to Council that the desire of many township residents for affordable high-speed internet access over-rides the agricultural safeguards of the OP. Maps showing the area served by this tower are included in the Committee of the Whole Agenda for 31 August. See F Reports of Consultants or Third Parties, Mr. Galbraith, LandSquared, re: Proposed Wireless Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation.

Council decided to have CAO Doug Luker prepare a Letter of Concurrence so that the tower can be built next year.

MUNICIPAL HERITAGE REGISTER: The Heritage Advisory Committee recommended that the township create an official list of heritage homes and properties within the township (as required by Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act). By so doing, it would increase the amount of time it takes to get a demolition permit from 10 business days to a maximum of 60 business days. At present the township has no register. Council approved the four-step listing process for the creation of a Municipal Heritage Register.

To date Tiny has three designated heritage landmarks: St. Patrick’s Church in Perkinsfield, the Concession Road 2 East railroad bridge, and the Copeland Creek Cemetery. Two already have heritage plaques, and Council agreed to that the Heritage Advisory Committee might fundraise to purchase a plaque for the last of the three, namely the Concession Road 2 East Bridge.

McMAHAN WATER SYSTEM ARRANGEMENTS FINALIZED: Each benefitting property is to pay $8,277.90 plus 3% interest amortized over nine years.

STREET LIGHTING CONVERSION TO LED: A thorough audit of township streetlights found 24 additional lights (for a total of 414). Although this raised the original estimated cost of the project by $39,655, the long term saving is still substantial enough to warrant proceeding with the conversion. The initial cost will be funded from the Capital Expenditure Reserve. Council authorized the funneling of actual savings into a Climate Action and Energy Plan Reserve to be used for future environmental and energy conservation projects.

VOLUNTEERS REMOVE PHRAGMITES AT WOODLAND BEACH: This year (supported by the Community Stewardship Program which supplies the assistance of the Community Recreation Coordinator and the Public Works Department), Woodland Beach Property Owners Association removed Phragmites for the third year. They scheduled three phragmites digs (helped by township machinery) – on July 26th when 60 volunteers removed 153 bags; on August 9th when 40 volunteers removed 125 bags, and on August 29th when 30 volunteers removed 101 bags. Public Works carried the 379 bags away and burned them.

EMERGENCY ACCESS – NO PARKING SIGNAGE: A recalculation of the number of signs required to restrict parking on the 77 roads identified by Township Fire Chief Tony Mintoff reduced the number of signs required from 1104 to 229. Each road is to signed “No Parking on this Street at Any Time” or other Highway Traffic Act acceptable wording. Roads are to be signed in the following order:

  1. All roads in the most westerly portion of Concession 4 at Waterview Beach
  2. All roads within Concession 5 (Wendake area)
  3. All roads within Concession 10 (Balm Beach and Ardmore Beach)
  4. All road within Concession 9 (Ossossane Beach and D’Aoust Bay)
  5. All other roads starting at Concession 1.

Council chose to install all the recommended signage this fall at a total cost of $38,125, $25,000 of which is in this year’s budget, and the balance taken from the Capital Reserve.

ATVs TO BE ALLOWED ON TOWNSHIP ROADS?: After hearing a presentation by the Central Ontario ATV Club, the Tralls and Active Transportation Sub-committee endorsed the use of ATVs in principle and recommended that Council investigate allowing ATVs on Township roads to get from one “okayed” trail to another. Council decided to invite local ATV groups to present deputations.

SALE OF SURPLUS LANDS TO SUPPORT IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WYEVALE PARK MASTER PLAN: The lands declared surplus are Lots 29 and 30, Plan 51M-361. Lot 30 has already been sold by Don Redmond of In Touch Realty Inc. (the agent acting for the township).