Report on Council: September 30, 2013

Report on Council:
September 30, 2013

Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am –11:45am, 12:30pm-1:05pm
Confidential Closed Session: 11:03 am-11:42am
Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:47pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councilors Warren, Wishart and Claire

Crown Reserve/Wymbolwood Beach
Dr. P. Rosenberg, a property owner on Registered Plan 779, expressed concerns over the survey work being undertaken in the Wymbolwood Beach area. What is the township’s intention in re-addressing title issues? The Township is investigating the existence of an original Crown Patent reserve along the shore in front of the properties on the west side of Tiny Beaches Road South. During the presentation, Dr. Rosenberg posed four (4) questions regarding the survey work and the Boundaries Act application. He was asked to provide the questions in writing so that the Township may be able to provide accurate responses to his specific queries. The matter was to be further discussed at the October 15, 2013 Regular Committee of the Whole meeting

Southern Georgian Bay Ontario Provincial Police/OPP Quarterly Report
Inspector Jacques Bois of the Southern Georgian Bay Ontario Provincial Police provided a quarterly report of the policing activities for January to June 2013. The presentation included crime statistics, alarms, 911 calls and MVC statistics.He mentioned that radar on Tiny Beaches Rd South failed to note excessive speed but there has been an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

J. Barzo, Barrister and Solicitor/ Plan 779, Boundaries Act and Surveys Act Matters
A status report was delivered in the confidential/closed session with respect to advice subject to solicitor-client privilege on matters relating to Plan 779; Edwards Boundaries Act; Dale/Moranis Surveys Act; Duarte Surveys Act and Toshakovski Boundaries Act.

Disposition of Wyebridge Public School
The Committee reviewed a letter from the Simcoe County District School Board regarding the disposition of the Wyebridge Public School property. Staff brought forward a draft resolution to advise the SCDSB that the property has no municipal purpose and the Township of Tiny has no interest in acquiring the school property.

Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) Costs, Contributions
As the Township representative for the Severn Sound Environmental Association, Mayor Millar presented a letter from the SSEA detailing Midland’s relationship with the SSEA and costs associated with that relationship. As the host municipality Midland provides the SSEA with Treasury, Information technology and HR services at a cost of approximately $5,000/year. Recent internal audits of Midland show that the annual stipend charged SSEA fall short of the actual expenses. The Treasury Department calculated the costs to be $30,000. It was recommended that the SSEA staff be directed to amend the 2014 budget and debt repayment plan so that each reflects an additional $25,000 operating expense. Mayor Millar noted that no municipality could supervise SSEA for $5,000 even at the audit firm’s preferred rate. He also mentioned that their financial problems mainly stem from over delivering on requests and under charging. This matter will be further discussed during the 2014 Budget deliberations.

Comments Received/Draft Co-ownership Agreement between the Cawaja Property owners Association and the Township of Tiny
The Committee reviewed the comments received from the public with respect to the proposed co-ownership agreement between the Cawaja Property owners Association and the Township of Tiny. Forty (40) comments were received and all were in support of the co-ownership agreement.
Staff brought forward a draft resolution at the Regular Meeting to acknowledge receipt of the letters of support and a draft resolution to support and approve a draft agreement by the Mayor and CAO subject to confirmation of the property identification numbers (PIN) and insurance requirements as outlined in the draft agreement.

Pre-Approval for 2014 Grants to Communities Funding
The Committee reviewed a memorandum from Bonita Desroches, Community Recreation Coordinator, regarding pre-budget approval for the 2014 Grants to Communities funding. The pre-budget approval is necessary to enable La Meute CultureIle to submit a funding application for Le Festival du Loup 2014.

Staff brought forward a draft resolution at the Regular Meeting to support the funding application.

Proposed By-law 13-060/Speed Limit Reductions Concession 4 East and Mertz Corner Road
The Committee considered a draft by-law to regulate the rate of speed for Concession 4 East from County Road 6 South to Baseline Road South and Mertz Corner Road from Baseline Road South to Marshall Road. The draft by-law proposed to reduce the rate of speed from 80 km/hr to 50 km/hr.

Staff brought forward the draft by-law at the Regular Meeting for formal consideration.

County Council/Update
Deputy Mayor Lawrence reported that waste management was discussed at the last meeting. He also commented on the new meeting format (i.e. County Council followed by the Committee of the Whole). He reported that the new Georgian Village in Penetanguishene is progressing on schedule and the move will be completed at the end of October.

Mayor Millar expressed his disappointments with the new governance format. Simcoe County is a $500 million organization that no longer has governance oversight because Mayors and Deputy Mayors are overwhelmed with the volume of information to be digested. They cannot stay on top of issues with the restructuring. Councilor Wishart added that things can be buried in this kind of situation.

Pre-Budget Approval/Consultant’s/Building Permit Fee Structure

The Committee reviewed a Planning & Development Report from Jamie Wilson, Chief Building Official regarding pre-budget approval to hire an outside consultant to review the Township’s building permit fee structure and review the operation of the department to find cost savings and efficiencies. .In July 2005 the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing passed Bill 124 which required building departments to charge fees to cover the cost of administering the Building Code Act and Ontario Building Code. The building department is run as an independent profit centre and an outside consultant could find ways of generating revenue. Tiny’s building department has to cover a larger geographic area than Midland and Penetanguishene so they can’t cover as many calls in the same time. Building code enforcement, assisting other departments, committees and project management don’t generate revenue. From 2011 to 2013 costs have exceeded revenues and Council had to withdraw funds from the reserve to balance the building department’s budget. By the end of 2013 there will be approximately $100,000 remaining in the fund. Building permit fees have not been increased in the past 15 years. At least for the short term building activity has stabilized with a reduction in construction of new single detached dwellings. This has had the most impact on revenue. A failure to balance costs and revenues would result in the municipality contributing out of general tax base revenue.

Staff brought forward a draft resolution to permit the Building Department to prepare a Request for Quotations in an effort to retain the services of a consultant to review and report on the full cost of services and recommendations for the establishment of building permit fees.

Proposed By-law 13-057/Regulating the Setting of Open Fires
The Committee considered Emergency Services Report from Tony Mintoff, Fire Chief, regarding the repeal of the current Open Fire By-law and its amendments. The proposed changes to the Open Air By-law include Prohibiting the Use of Flying Lanterns, amending the Criteria for Class B fires and addressing open burning that creates a nuisance. The amendment for Class B fires would permit more than one pile to be burned simultaneously if it is approved in advance by the Chief Fire Official. This would be advantageous to residents engaged in larger scale agricultural activities. Open fires sometimes generate large amounts of smoke, causing nuisance and potential health problems to neighbours. Complaints will be investigated. Residents who burn material in ditches can be fined because it is on municipal land.

Staff brought forward a draft resolution and by-law at the Regular Meeting for formal consideration.